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Callum, Pencil behind his ear A carpenter who cares His work bench Underneath the Cherry Their combined aura swears An exactitude of feeling An energy, a force Planed white wood From A previous life No one has misunderstood The concept … Continue reading

A brown Hyena’s snapshot

15 years of being alone And then finding this place Desolate and in ruins It’s really hard to face Reality a place to hide Where no one can find me Cover from the flying dust That often comes to be … Continue reading

Iceland 22

The blue the sleek the beautiful A hybrid was their cry Half blue half fin What I ask Really truthfully why Any whale should be flensed and packed In ice until Japan Calls off its vatious orders which is how … Continue reading

The whisperers

It’s all about wildness And a spiritual need That survival instinct That in any breed The street cred The wilderness knowledge That speaks It’s really a therapy With troughs and with peaks Arizona State Prison Land Management’s way Of clearing … Continue reading

Kill the bull because we love him

We killed him because we loved him It’s the kind of love that I Can never ever understand We watched that Elephant die 4 hours it took of misery Of agony of pain Their psychopathic ugly minds No different than … Continue reading

Poor hyena

A clearly frightened Hyena Was seen running up a road In Palestine we are led to believe Clearly a heavy load On his frightened shoulders You can feel the apparent fear The traffic and the alien space And people just … Continue reading