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We are very different

Really we are very different Rabbits have short ears And I Have long ears with black tips I am very different And if you look into my eye Their eyes are dark mine is amber When they run their tails … Continue reading

Hare coursing

A,precocial being Prepared Always to run Born above the ground me thinks When the day is done It has realization That what it has to do Is know when dangers calling An eternal view It can run its arse off … Continue reading

Come with me

Come with me will you To a place where so few Eyes could have spotted her beautiful form Where she just set the scene And was her own storm A magickal soul Who just did belong Who could run with … Continue reading

They say its a miracle whatever that is

A blackout curtain was all young Jack Was ever able to see Nothing else was evident Such totality Behind his home was a forest And from his home a path Smelling the different smells he could And hearing his great … Continue reading

WHo is making a killing?

Driven grouse moors Its a hell of thing A lucrative sport Where the shooter is king It cuts across nature In so many ways But it’s arrogance really With proof that it pays Outside of our homes We have great … Continue reading