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“Its from a small farm so much better for me”

Just a small farm where Milton might See Paradise lost And all that in spite Of that soul who was loving Life clearly its need To escape to be off Just to try and succeed Its just a small farm … Continue reading


I don’t live in Australia But have travelled there And know The extent of the great Continent And its ebb and flow From Perth down to Adelaide And up to Darwin, I Then across to Cairns and down to Brisbane … Continue reading

The goat farm in Yorkshire

Thanks goodness for SURGE Who had more than an urge To check out the GOAT farm Where Huge numbers were kept By those Not so adept Giving them Big time despair Even toed ungulates Ruminants Intelligent animals they Are very … Continue reading

QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world Selling bush meat they Sell Exotic meat and live animals And apparently it’s a way Of creating the new pandemics So why would Australia keep Working with live animals And be in them so … Continue reading

Bleached haired bitch

The hubris and the insolence It’s everywhere to see This bleached hair bitch Imagines she is queen of snobbery Holding up a dying creatures head for all to see Upstaging a wild soul In its natural urgency It is dying, … Continue reading

Wickedness above all else

Wickedness above all else Dishonesty and heinousness The uncorrupted undefiled Misunderstood just meek and mild Their guiltlessness captivity Our moral weakness and flagrancy It’s all sharp practice all the time Elevated by the climb Force majeure and immunity We exempt … Continue reading


259 grams of hair per goat I understand And so a cashmere jumper Takes six GOATS Done by hand Metal combs and brute strength And tugging at the hair Until they bleed Imagine that And be glad you are not … Continue reading


GADHIMAI God all mighty Existence if it’s known Uncreated and unmade These murderers have blown Their chances in the afterlife Through ignorant acclaim Murdering the innocent Can now only inflame The baseless groundless evil That exists in soulless fools Insubstantiality … Continue reading

We are baby goats

We are goats We are babies But sadly we are males Guiltless blameless Wiggly tails A state of grace Suckling we be Above suspicion Our purity Is second to none at the end of the day But surplus we hear … Continue reading

The Ibex and it’s mineral intake

Without nutritionists or doctors Wild animals they know How to get a balanced meal From what in fact does grow How to supplement their diets And keep them healthy they Scale the mountains and the the dams To help them … Continue reading

Agricultural Shows

We exist in actuality Undeniably Enduring and well grounded Flesh and blood We be Animals That human beings Use captivity Fear and farming methods As a philosophy Together we all represent The Meat Trade YES on show You bring your … Continue reading

Goat tying

What baffles me competely Such disappointment we Have to try to contemplate Disgruntled that we be America is blighted With High School Rodeos And clearly so much true abuse Seen in youth that grows Out of a belief system That … Continue reading

Innocence a fast disappearing phenomena

Righteousness and honour Morality abroad The virtue that is infancy And the due reward Of babies born Created by the almighty Who knows all But the parent killed For the table and the unborn Clearly spilled Out upon the slaughterhouse … Continue reading

MARKHOR (Screw horn goats)

Evolution presented The rugged the mountains Inhospitable places In Chitral where they The Markhor live out their lives Foraging daily On tussock grass and leaves Making their way Up high in the Summer And back down in the Winter Where … Continue reading

Nine so called young men pull apart a female goat

Sometimes I sit and ponder At the madness going on In the name culture And tradition Out upon the mountainous Beautiful areas Around yea khatmandu Where the indigenous And the locals Imagine something true They respect life But in August … Continue reading

Live exports banned all over India

Animal RIGHTS Have come of age In india today Providing all the evidence That live exports Are no way Of ever treating animals Sending them to their death And torturing them on voyages even denying them breath Its discriminative behaviour … Continue reading

Live exports through the EU

Its intolerable Its insufferable Its more than flesh and blood Can stand All these live exports Really theres a flood Of interest and of money to be made Of course thats true The muslims want live animals fresh meat Halal … Continue reading

Goats are suffering

What VIVA was able to see Broke their heart In dark filthy sheds Really from the start Cruelty raises its ugly head And so many animals Do wind up dead Goats are inquisitive And love to roam Socially active Impacted … Continue reading

Live exports from Australia

Animal welfare is key so I read To the great MIA but do they succeed In giving the public the confidence to Agree that Live Exports Is all the way through To the destination Wherever that be Is all above … Continue reading

TUMBILI Sanctuary

A happy home and enchanting place Where blessedness and bliss Really a seventh heaven And of course the emphasis Is on thoughtfulness and kindness For fulfilment is the key For those irreversibly damaged By human cruelty Instinctively affection Predisposes soul … Continue reading


We have a responsibility To all living souls and we Who have that responsibility Should come out now and be Ready now to take to task The infidels for they Are filled with illegitimacy More so every day Israel don’t … Continue reading

IT happened in July 2015

In the stormiest weather A thirty year old Boat plyed its way And deep in its hold Were animals bound for The UAE From Puntland Somalia Into the sea As the old ship went down 300o or so camels and … Continue reading

gadhimai Nepal

There is nothing remotely spectacular About sacrifice on such a scale These Buffalo need much more human respect What they do in Nepal is they fail Manoj Gautam is an angel truly an angel for he Can know in his … Continue reading

Auction Houses

For me the real difficulty here Is that animals seem to be The whipping boys for human trash That so often we see In auction houses for example Holding stock to sell So why do we see cruelty Why the … Continue reading

Sacrificed for meat

To be so irreverent to them So aweless and so cavalier To be such a vile and despicable sod To not sense the degree of fear Wrestling a goat on a cold concrete floor The weight of your body on … Continue reading

Goats and their extended families

Look at this group What do you see A picture of love And such harmony Such a sense of duty Such conscience is there Actually honour bound Their lives to share That is inescapable It just feels so right The … Continue reading

Religion or an excuse to murder

A sort of clearing An avid throng Who stands and watches Though sees no wrong The innocent babies One by one Decapitated in the sun You can feel their fear Their abject fright The mortal horror It can’t be right … Continue reading


A mountain river To the mountain goat Is a way to scale That is of note The swirling waters They appear To Swallow those who live in fear A little kid believes the fire Below will get him At And … Continue reading


The patriarchal debacle Is transcending The female across the species As we know Enslavement and subjection Is creating Confinement its a state Now that does grow A complete loss of freedom Conscripted in a way Servitude and slavery Working for … Continue reading

It’s auction day

The vast trailer swings into An auction yard They are swept into pens It all feels so hard Their bleating their lowing Their pain we can hear All those strange noises Drawing their fear stuck in this vehicle For hours … Continue reading