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Hunter man

The philosophy of existence Where Every species has its place Enduring and perpetual Surviving in the face Of genuine creation Attested and fulfilled Essental and purposeful In essence all instilled With feelings and with spirit With a tendency to be … Continue reading


I take issue with the FBI The director who made his point But why? Denigrate these mammals who Did nothing negative Which is true The indication was possibly Their investigations Possibly Did n9t come up to the standards We Imagined … Continue reading

Wildness in captivity

The industry that supports Such dreadful cruelty Of wild souls such as foxes Has to be Appreciative of exactly how aadistic The farmers are On the animals they see Take foxes they are wild And kept in cages Clearly there … Continue reading

FASHION The passion thereof

It makes no sense At all to use The abuse of animals who Creation gave them a thicker skin In cold climes this is true Human beings fashion statements Really to beguile Do not need To kill animals For skin … Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Morality apparently Is all but gone On The cat walk where Bean pole models Pale as driven snow They ply to share Fashion thats the statement Designers that is those A cut above the high street They just get up … Continue reading

Skin and bone and they die alone

To look after animals really Requires a heart and soul Look at the folk in sanctuaries And then those who control A fur farm lne in Wisconsin Mink and fox all caged In what is really filth and gore With … Continue reading

A stall in the market

A rail of murdered animals You can almost hear their cries The raccoon dogs in china Skinned before our eyes Alive hung on a rusty nail On a rotten pole And stretched and pulled Whilst screaming This a true wild … Continue reading

She wears fur but she is no lady

The unintelligibility Of wearing another’s skin Which That other has to die so you Can get your sick soul in The irrelevance of your being The vapouring poppycock The piffling twiddling raving That become an awful shock So many wilder … Continue reading

Eyelash extensions

A madness An insanity Eyelash extensions We Believe they makes us sexier But does it actually? The mink Just see the link A wild soul Running free Is captured And put in a a cage And tortured terribly And driven … Continue reading

Fur boys and girls everywhere

A tiny cage An avid soul Tail all torn It knows its role It lives near water It loves to be Seen to wander Wild and free But I am a Mink And some know why As a Mink you … Continue reading