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A suit of many colours That dear Gaia gave to me It was all about protection And creativity The godliness of ethic The soulfulness of sin In the spirit of each moment And the liability of kin To disrespect another … Continue reading

Paul Watson almost said it all

The vegan sits in his hospital bed A beacon of the light He refuses to eat chicken On lamb he will not bite He will not let the mother cow GeT raped or milked or shot He eats the abundant … Continue reading


The two legged variety Their teminology Of humankind That blows my mind For such a term can’t be A universal statement Not the one’s I know The farm where I was brought into their world Life there was low Their … Continue reading


We bave been out and voted Or couldnt be bothered We have an opinion Or dont care a damn Whether the foxes are chased Around the countryside Or left to live lives Some say its a sham Badgers our history … Continue reading

The feral spirit

The feral spirit Remains untainted by the arrogance Of man The wilderness creates an understanding So profound and GAIA sets the plan To find a sickly wild soul And to give care to its plight Like a fox mauled by … Continue reading

Hunter man

The philosophy of existence Where Every species has its place Enduring and perpetual Surviving in the face Of genuine creation Attested and fulfilled Essental and purposeful In essence all instilled With feelings and with spirit With a tendency to be … Continue reading


I take issue with the FBI The director who made his point But why? Denigrate these mammals who Did nothing negative Which is true The indication was possibly Their investigations Possibly Did n9t come up to the standards We Imagined … Continue reading

Wildness in captivity

The industry that supports Such dreadful cruelty Of wild souls such as foxes Has to be Appreciative of exactly how aadistic The farmers are On the animals they see Take foxes they are wild And kept in cages Clearly there … Continue reading

FASHION The passion thereof

It makes no sense At all to use The abuse of animals who Creation gave them a thicker skin In cold climes this is true Human beings fashion statements Really to beguile Do not need To kill animals For skin … Continue reading

London Fashion Week

Morality apparently Is all but gone On The cat walk where Bean pole models Pale as driven snow They ply to share Fashion thats the statement Designers that is those A cut above the high street They just get up … Continue reading