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Indonesian frogs Just love their legs But markets are mad The buyers are dregs Out of humanity For what we see Is frogs legs ripped skywards And fried up for tea The French seemingly like a spit of Fried frog … Continue reading

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Corporate water

The Corporates are good at looking after number one Who cares about the water of life A loaded gun Spewing forth their excrement Into a chalky stream Means little to the board member Who never stops to dream Pollution of … Continue reading

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Fishes and the pain barrier

Ignorance and the arrogant It suits them to believe Living foods created Actually achieve Greatness in the oceans For sentients they be Able to feel pain when hurt To the 99th degree Hauled out of the water Slammed upon the … Continue reading

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A joker croaker

Spawn I came from all that tapioca gel like sticky Yes I am a a brilliant green My mother called me Vicky I can walk on water I can croak a tune Let’s all save the planet now

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It’s mind blowingly obvious

The figures are awful Vast numbers of dead All born of mothers A vast water shed Of expecting the family To conquer the fear Embracing the shock value Year after year Brothers and sisters Mothers as well Fathers all murdered … Continue reading

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Frogs and Snails

The French are pretty lousy Wanting to eat our legs Muscular and stringy Good with some fried eggs Escargot like bogies Toughened snotty green Both involving agony That really is obscene

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