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She wore a long dark coat

To me it looketh fur like Another soul before Rambled through the forest bare Wanting to feel sure Whatever wind or hail storm Came to freeze my aching heart Clad in this great sweeping coat Seemingly never part Of me … Continue reading

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A Gorilla tested by an unfortunate fall

A massively powerful great ape seemingly Found a young human child in his vicinity Expected to rip the child it’s thought limb from limb In fact the reality was it took him To its heart showed humility and showed him … Continue reading

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Pigs and how they suffer in Humanity

A dungeon of death Putting stress on the breath They dump where they are Sweating is far More difficult really No sweat glands alas Pigs are intelligent And may die in the gas Chambers of inhumanity Before scalding tanks And … Continue reading

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A phenomenon A circumstance Behold a forest scene In the Backwoods A setting Beautiful and green An old house Far from anywhere Miss Kelty And her daughters Peace and quiet And tranquillity The stepping stones To far away In visions … Continue reading

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Pooja and Shanti little German girl and 5 ton female elephant

Pooja means prayer and shanti means peace This is a story of a little girl who at the age of 5 wanted to meet an elephant and met Shanti a temple elephant at the national park when Shanti was enjoying … Continue reading

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Anna Rubicam stone cutter

Creating form The essence A silhoutette in time Countours structure Physiognomy Attitude in rhyme Shaping moulding carving Whittle chisel punch Knock and hammer Symmetry Beauty by the bunch Rhythmical and harmonious A marriage of mind and eye Of hands of … Continue reading

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Ode to Blue

This globular mass We call our earth 71 per cent is worth A greater deal to the planets core For that is where water exists for sure The oceans the rivers the lakes the seas The world of water whose … Continue reading

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RIver Bend San Francisco

The nobility of the wild and free With a pedigree and an ancestry In a rustic space where every face Has humility its just wants to be Part of the whole conceived of soul Unpretentiously its role Inoffensive unassuming Unseen … Continue reading

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The Jungle Book

Rudyard Kipling never ever visited a jungle His inspiration was his daughter Josephine for she Encapsulated everything that any child could possibly Mean to any father thus he wanted to be Giving her a story book of unbelievable magnitude Curious … Continue reading

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