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Pooja and Shanti little German girl and 5 ton female elephant

Pooja means prayer and shanti means peace This is a story of a little girl who at the age of 5 wanted to meet an elephant and met Shanti a temple elephant at the national park when Shanti was enjoying … Continue reading

What price is charity

Charity begins at home “Tiger tops” by another name Organising tournaments Polo its the given game Thailand watch the pachyderms Mahouts riding them about Sticks and stones hurt all our bones Bashing them leaves me in doubt Cruelty does nothing … Continue reading


They are killing the angels Dropping like flies If you protect animals Its no surprise If others are making a killing Then they Will try very hard to put you away Ivory sales the elephant clan Rhinocerus horn despite the … Continue reading

SUZI and the Lahore Zoo

a zoo is a place where arrogance Has reached a total high Its where inconceivability Is a logjam in the sky Its unthinkable in wild terms Not feasible at all Exchanging what was harmony For wire cages and a wall … Continue reading

Myanmar and its elephants

Died out vanished lost and gone The elephants of Myanmar MongLa Bago Yama towns THe Yangon region Clearly drowns in elephant blood For what we see Is the vilest darkest murdering spree Not a scrap of sense Pure hollowness Bloodshed, … Continue reading

Ivory 2

The comment I should like to make On the poaching gangs who feel Their unworthiness and mischief Inside themselves reveal A malignancy a measly and corrosive And revolting tyranny Perhaps a vile affliction An impetuosity Impressionable and restless An excitability … Continue reading


The unscrupulous opportunism In Zimbabwe today Because therecwas a dry spell The artfulness to pay Little respect to the Elephants And deviously try To poison what was left around Of the limited water supply It calls for a lot of … Continue reading

Buddhists and elephant abuse

Pageant seems to really be the order Of the day And elephants apparently Are essential so they say They dress them in regalia And heavily chain their feet And walk them on the concrete roads In all that awful heat … Continue reading

Paul Barton Piano player extraordinaire

Remorselessness and heartlessness The forest tribes embittered by Made to slave in temperatures Truthfully far too high Working at the logging stages Very heavy arduous work Branches scratching deep wounds Where bugs and true infections lurk Elephants great hearts that … Continue reading

Trophy hunter killing

The indignity and mortification Of trophy hunting on the nation Africa’s tears should roll tonight Hearing this elephant at the height Of its resignation and true despair With these bloody hunters standing there They have shot and wounded a majestic … Continue reading