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Elephants in the snow

Its ingenuous And arrogant To have elephants in the snow To abuse them in a circus Somewhere where they shouldnt go They are the biggest land animals With weight issues and they Should not be walking on tarmac roads Or … Continue reading

“Bai Tong” little girl

Every sort of reason Comes out of hunters gobs They are as arrogant as the day day is long Most are left brain slobs They havent got an inkling Or a smidgeon of empathy All they think about in life … Continue reading

Bush meat (Nungunungu) Porcupine in swahili

In Kenya those who live Close by to the bush Apparently Are farming maize For selling But are finding tragically Wild animals like elephants And porcupines come by At night and dig the crops up In Kiambu they rely On … Continue reading


Elephant meat is sought after We understand In the Cameroons and Congo Where Its often smoked to preserve it Which helps to make it tastier Its a bit like SPAM i understand Gamey to those aware Women seem to prefer … Continue reading

Working elephants

All the struggle and the hardship The misery we feel The true distress and misfortune Its very very real Man is never kind when working animals Today In the logging trade The monsters Really make us pay We are hapless … Continue reading


Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Myanmar’s elephants

No respite for the pachyderms The tragedy we hear Of elephants shot with poisonous darts And bullets its the fear Of the largest of land animals That was created to be wild Is being murdered everywhere Its spirit just defiled … Continue reading

Eyes wide open but failing to see the truth

Using the eyes We were given to see And feel pain And sharing it all constantly Being mindful about life Of Knowing the strain Bearing down on those of us Who truthfully gain We do make a difference And devastatingly … Continue reading

Creation never imagined man could be so revoltingly unfair

Imagine all these years ago In creations factory They were working out the miracles That they wanted to see Human beings and animals Of every shape and size


Thats just it Our Anne isn’t happy Stuck in longleat on her own Breathing in all of the cadmium crap And the diesel no doubt Its been shown Those with big trunks they can feel it And being alone Brings … Continue reading