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Trump and the trophies

We know his sons are hunters And elephants they have killed No doubt the lobbying power is there For all the blood thats spilled Overstepping the mark though Transgression of this type It was a vile intrusion A really ugly … Continue reading

Elephant rides

Empty headed moronic keepers And management who feel The need to put sales figures first Not elephants who conceal Who suffer really daily As tourists come along To buy a ride if its denied This practice is so wrong Elephants … Continue reading

MIYAKO (beautiful March child)

We are a social animals Friendship is our thing When i was just six months old they Thought that they would bring Me all the way from THAILAND And directly to a ZOO In japan of all places What a … Continue reading

Absence of thought

The largest land animal living Perceptive cognizant and brave A pachyderm with a great stream Of consciousness In Kerala whose left to save With an absence of thought For their welfare Its a cultural thing maybe so But because they … Continue reading

Amarula and the elephants

Oblivion feels possible For the elephants of old Destruction of their habitat And their babies being sold The amarula fruit tree mob Decided they must try And raise elephant awareness For so many now do die Ivory poachers critically Are … Continue reading

Exporting elephants to far off countries

Really we’re all guilty Even those who say On facebook they are helping Most look the other way Post our comments freely And go to bed at night As more and more young elephants Lose their right to light Stolen … Continue reading

The Elephant

In awe We ought to be Really we should The biggest land animal Really it could Realize so much Within its sphere With 300 billion neurons Its clear Compared to us humans Rulers of earth With massive ego’s Some with … Continue reading


Aggression giving animals names To me is totally wrong Diablo renamed spirit Rambo all along The patriarchal emphasis Creates impressions and we The grand old public sentiment Go along with them and be Really part and parcel a predictive Attitude … Continue reading

Just check the search engine

If you want to go hunting Kill an elephant yay Get on the internet Blow them away A 10 day package A pretty big bill 38 thousand US I hear And a few extras Its all very yclear If you … Continue reading


Kilimanjaro that mountain’s still angry Its humerals smoking Its glaciars too We still see the white summit Tussock grass and tree heathers Faery land cloud forests Groundsels Yea too Wild dogs in packs there Vultures a flying Bone breaking raptors … Continue reading