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An assuredness And an irrefutable Moral certainty RETETI ELephant Sanctuary Does unerringly Go about its business To rescue and to care For elephant calves in trouble Why? Because they want to And they are so aware Responders using heartfelt Energy … Continue reading


The footprint for palm oil Is as deep as can be Many tears have been shed So much sadness I see Heart wrenching stories Pitiful tales Lives left in tatters How this all pales Into significance It is the start … Continue reading

The elephant and the other great beasts and a special thought for iceland 76

From wildness and abundance In the wilderness of cause Ancestral shadows flourish And to some a diapause A wistful inclination Of the enemy abroad Whose arrogance and ignorance We battle to afford As size goes we are Truly a dominating … Continue reading

ZIMBABWE not the best place to be born

There has always been a lack of understanding A kind of godlessness And lack of care Elephants in Zimbabwe find themselves Sold off abroad Actually it could be anywhere One really lovely soul Known as Anna Louise Went off to … Continue reading

Bullet ridden

Sri Lanka boasts a paradise But for one noble beast The distinction of the pachyderm Is noble if not least Clearly a splendid ancestry Where gentility did reign A truly high caste bloodstock With everything to gain Found in Uva … Continue reading

We are losing our land and our ancient paths to water

Our ancient paths to water Our habitat our way Is being lost forever And for all of this we pay It is a continual struggle And our sorrows are our own Our despondency and misery Really it has grown Electric … Continue reading

The life and death of a captive elephant

Poached as a baby A lost soul No childhood none at all Her spiritual foundation Immediately did stall Trafficked into evil Vile captivity Called “Laxmi” Hindu goddess of wealth and of prosperity False reasoning feels obvious Untenable and unsound To … Continue reading


Decency and propriety Have been missing in my life Ever since I left Sri Lanka Really so much strife Vindictiveness and spitefulness The circus and the zoo Lack of appreciation Its shameful was some do Morality and ethicality Was just … Continue reading


when Chipperfield decided that an open park Display For animals like at Longleat Where Animals had no say As usual as an elephant My breathing is unlike Humans no pleural cavity And thus getting a spike Of pollution can affect … Continue reading


If the Daily Mail got me £410 thousand A few years ago The readerS were sure as I was In fact everyone there did know LOngleat was going to provide us With a haven and ele’s around They sure were … Continue reading