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Aggression giving animals names To me is totally wrong Diablo renamed spirit Rambo all along The patriarchal emphasis Creates impressions and we The grand old public sentiment Go along with them and be Really part and parcel a predictive Attitude … Continue reading

Just check the search engine

If you want to go hunting Kill an elephant yay Get on the internet Blow them away A 10 day package A pretty big bill 38 thousand US I hear And a few extras Its all very yclear If you … Continue reading


Kilimanjaro that mountain’s still angry Its humerals smoking Its glaciars too We still see the white summit Tussock grass and tree heathers Faery land cloud forests Groundsels Yea too Wild dogs in packs there Vultures a flying Bone breaking raptors … Continue reading


Gaia from tbe beginning of time Supposedly Had dismissed her imperfections As part of history The elephant so much like man In that the length of time allowed Is close to them with humans Clearly so endowed With wisdom and … Continue reading

Beautiful night(Miyako)

44 years ago So I hear said A baby elephant Torn from its bed From it family its dreams Squashed in so many ways Taken from thailand To live out its days In Jaoan of all places Utsunomiya zoo A … Continue reading

Hunter man

The philosophy of existence Where Every species has its place Enduring and perpetual Surviving in the face Of genuine creation Attested and fulfilled Essental and purposeful In essence all instilled With feelings and with spirit With a tendency to be … Continue reading

Buaban and Boonmee

45 years and 85 years of age 2 elehants, they each have worked their butts Off every single day Slaving in the hot sun Logging chained up they Suffering the bull hook For thats the common way Wild elephants are … Continue reading

UGANDA and its iconic elephants

THere was a time when 60,000 Elephants roamed Uganda Not so long ago in real terms They The architects of the environment Able to sustain All the other animals With everything to gain From their footprint Then agriculture raised its … Continue reading


A matriarchal system And a wildness of the heart “sita” an asian elephant Really from the start Ended up in circus No place for any souls Be forced to travel here and there And to take on all sorts of … Continue reading

A Pachyderms Lament

We are flesh and blood as you Are flesh and blood, and we Have a muscle called a heart too Eternity Provides us with a love of life As you have And so we Enjoy the wildness in our soul … Continue reading