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A elephant in distress

Wildness has its advantages But injuries can be Life threatening we know this And inevitably Some of us see the angels Men and women who Devote their lives to caring And one such case thats true Happened in Zimbabwe An … Continue reading


It’s been opened only four years It is an open zoo Still under construction That much it seems is true It is known as an orphanage But really that’s misleading The elephants there are prisoners And therefore I am reading … Continue reading

“Yai bua and Dok Geaw

The old gal was a century or more A life so long Packed with many a struggle Much of it so wrong She was in the trekking Giving rides to those Tourists who could walk Their lazy arses off But … Continue reading

Ran amok

At some Buddhist Pageant In Sri Lanka so I hear An elephant has run amok It’s was very clear It had been painted different colours And dressed up like a clown in all it’s foul regalia walking through the town … Continue reading

Big game hunters

An experienced big game hunter And his friend are on a hunt In Zimbabwe after trophies And apparently the brunt Of what is now the mystery That despite their knowledge They Were charged by two wild elephants And shot them … Continue reading

Baby breakups poor little elephants

Such ignorance such selfishness Zimbabwe what to do You were gifted pachyderms To live their whole life through A so so social being Intellectual suicide Where is your lateral thinking Telepathy aside A baby needs it’s mother Deep thought and … Continue reading

Elephant day at the Zoo

Zoo’s are not the answer They are prison for the crime Of wanting to have freedom And there really is no rhyme Or reason to imprison them To educate our young Trying to make a profit And remain unsung Wild … Continue reading

Zimbabwe’s cruelty knows no bounds

Contrary to any reason Gifted souls we see Are unlawfully captured To be exported tragically Little baby elephants Stolen from their mums Sold to the highest bidder Really just for crumbs No respect whatsoever Unreasoned all the way Unsound and … Continue reading

ZIGGY the elephant ASIA/chicago

BORN 1917 died 27/10/1975 Born in Asia named after Flo Ziegfeld The great American impresario Who bought him from John Ringling In 1920 and Wanted him as a birthday gift For his daughter understand A six year old And and … Continue reading

It’s over

Without knowing the meaning Of joy we experience Life with our mothers Idyllic it was But So many changes And Humiliation Come to the family And it is because Humans continue To search in our homelands Our vulnerability Seemingly sets … Continue reading