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It’s over

Without knowing the meaning Of joy we experience Life with our mothers Idyllic it was But So many changes And Humiliation Come to the family And it is because Humans continue To search in our homelands Our vulnerability Seemingly sets … Continue reading

Two broken legs

Zoo’s are there primarily To make money Thats the way And working with young animals And others on display Are clearly far from wildness In captivity Away from family members Which is contradictory To how they should be treated With … Continue reading


I was so frightened And not very strong When I got lost It all just went wrong Trapped in the mud Didn’t know what to do I cried out But nobody heard me Then you Abraham Njenga With students came … Continue reading

“Big boy” and the birth of CLZ in his honour

There was something about him Apart from his great stature He took it on himself to be the one The guru and the mentor For a number of the other males He possessed a status That was second to none … Continue reading

Martin Clunes

Caught red handed Despite the plea What is surely Delinquency The burden of guilt Of course we see And true illegality A female elephant Standing there Waiting Breathing the same air As all of us And wondering why This man … Continue reading

Bullhooks and elephants

the illogicality Of an elephant so strong With a certainty and reasoning Of where it does belong It has a share on instinct And memory of pain Its misreckoning though to use A bull hook Imagining you could gain Really … Continue reading

Who will be the survivors in the long run.?

North of the Niger River An ancient city stands The capital of Mali Timbuktu whose lands Are on the Sahara fringes Where barren wilderness The land of the Tuoreg Where the heat can stress A land ofcourse where camels ply … Continue reading

Whose entertaining who?

Can you feel my agony Can you see my pain We are one big family The whole world is insane What is entertainment Irreversibility Mulishness and dourness Unrelenting obstinacy Look into my eyes tonight Do I have a choice Taken … Continue reading

Elephants in the snow

Its ingenuous And arrogant To have elephants in the snow To abuse them in a circus Somewhere where they shouldnt go They are the biggest land animals With weight issues and they Should not be walking on tarmac roads Or … Continue reading

“Bai Tong” little girl

Every sort of reason Comes out of hunters gobs They are as arrogant as the day day is long Most are left brain slobs They havent got an inkling Or a smidgeon of empathy All they think about in life … Continue reading