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Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Myanmar’s elephants

No respite for the pachyderms The tragedy we hear Of elephants shot with poisonous darts And bullets its the fear Of the largest of land animals That was created to be wild Is being murdered everywhere Its spirit just defiled … Continue reading

Eyes wide open but failing to see the truth

Using the eyes We were given to see And feel pain And sharing it all constantly Being mindful about life Of Knowing the strain Bearing down on those of us Who truthfully gain We do make a difference And devastatingly … Continue reading

Creation never imagined man could be so revoltingly unfair

Imagine all these years ago In creations factory They were working out the miracles That they wanted to see Human beings and animals Of every shape and size


Thats just it Our Anne isn’t happy Stuck in longleat on her own Breathing in all of the cadmium crap And the diesel no doubt Its been shown Those with big trunks they can feel it And being alone Brings … Continue reading

Plea to Imran Khan

“cornered tigers” Philanthropy Imran Khan Knew liberty Kaavan I need LIberty The chains And all the cruelty Morahazar Zoo Times have been bad Neglect and iniquity Why I am sad MR KHAN Please could you You alone Do what you … Continue reading

Hookstown Fair’s elephants

Ever worn a heavy saddle? And had to give rides all the time Children kicking walking In circles Really theres no rhyme Or reason for us elephants To have to be this way Being made to walk and walk Being … Continue reading

Plea from an old elephant to Imran Khan

I am hoping that you can help me I am stuck in here in this zoo With nobody who cares for me Really whatever I do In a really inadequate enclosure Often in the searing heat No foliage to interst … Continue reading

Japan and African Ivory

Yahoo Japan is very very lenient With trade on ivory sales spparently Despite Rakuten closing down its platform YAhoo could not care less it seems to me The elephant should be much more respected The criminals we know are everywhere … Continue reading


Morghazar Zoo ISlamabad An elephant Feels really sad 28 years chained by his feet He weaves a lot For they have him beat Still responsive Though in some shock The overwhelming neglect Would knock Any soul and make them feel … Continue reading