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Brainwashing animals to retrieve corpses of other animals

A good idea For, for me its wrong GUN Dogs trained or brainwashed With training until they be Outside their own bodies And their true psyche Making animals believe They are out as observers To watch and retrieve The corpses … Continue reading


Makomo Resources A coalmine Near Sinamatela camp Hwang NP A really big truck Was Speeding of course One look tells all We can see 2 Elephants Minding their business Tragically yes It appears And died in a heap Upside down … Continue reading


When Sahell passed In 2012 I struggled on for she Was my whole world I Loved her very much And she loved me I knew that she was ailing I wish I too could have gone To the Rainbow Bridge … Continue reading


Suddenly I am famous The worlds cameras are on me Even Cher came by to help And animal rights all be Into really helping Signing petitions For they care And stuck in Pakistan It was dank and dirty To be … Continue reading


Che, took on Dear Kaavan’s need The plight the fight could he succeed The zoo was poor The High Court there Decided to close it Just despair MARGHAZAR ZOO A dirty place A rotten floor Just a disgrace Pakistan should … Continue reading


Suffering is exceptionally awful Elephants together seemingly When their stomachs empty On that edge of appetite Desire wont go away And sympathy Is hopeless for in wildness When the vegetations gone Jungles fenced off farming Then sadly upon The world … Continue reading


Thinking of souls this gentleman Wild as the afternoon sun An elephant of stature Whose shadow clearly won Respect of other wild souls A regent in his way Deliberate and experienced In his movement through each day Exacerbated with fences … Continue reading


Trafalgar Square The Lions Protestors we could see Remembering Dear Cecil And all that imagery That awful cowardly dentist That bow shot him And ran back to drink his heart out Thats how it all began A trophy hunter The … Continue reading

My plea to you lousy humans

I am angry for a moment What seventy three years Feels like on an aching body Of course so many tears Wash out of my being Worked to death was I And I do not wish to see you Or … Continue reading

Elephants of OLUVIC

Wickedness is everywhere Sri Lanka sees its so When elephants are foraging On rubbish tips we know When SRI Lankans stoop to Hakka Patas Is it any wonder we Witness so many horrors From wild elephants Still free Eating micro … Continue reading

Hakka Patas the ultimate in wickedness

The ultimate in wickedness The iniquity of sin Innocence its lost forever Amoral from within Degeneracy apparent A baseness thats so low Absolute dishonesty And flagrant as we know Evil doing delinquents An outrage so to say A beastly impropriety … Continue reading

Trophy hunting

With drought killing elephants What do we see The wankers and bankers The small brained who be Coming to Zimbabwe To sample The fair Shooting the big 4 Because they live there America reverses the rules So to say By … Continue reading

Ivory ( the rotters who procure it)

The Narathiwat National Park In Southern Thailand found A fifteen year old Elephant A male tusker on the ground Half in a canal it seems It’s head hacked off oh dear Such a grisly murder scene That raises yet more … Continue reading

Asha (lonely and blue)

The culture of a zoo The lack of understanding The torturous intent Where that in fact is landing Elephants are social souls Familial intent Instinctive and impulsive The life time that’s she’s spent In that ghastly hell hole Is going … Continue reading


Mobanza Mobimbo Gerard As sinful as they come He a Ivory trafficker One of the chosen scum It’s said he murdered Elephants 500 met his strife Felt his bullets In their soul And Of course lost their life And it … Continue reading

Elephants rights in Thailand

This appeal is to TOURISTS You are the ones Who go out to Thailand Your daughters and sons Expecting to gain sight Of Elephants there To ride On their backs And you don’t even care That by riding on their … Continue reading

Working animals

Be unfeeling is something that many Apparently have toward animals who Are freeborn but taken to work hard as slaves Apparently that’s what they do Logging and carrying sees our compassion Well non existent alas Being unsympathetic to anothers feelings … Continue reading


The spurious nature of man To the wild elephants Deceitful and mendacious Of course they are no fan Of the local people Selfish people Ignorant people who Only see the land there on as there’s Really it’s true. Before man … Continue reading

Evolving to a higher level

Thought and the intellect And great awareness How consciousness becomes A spiritual tale A cerebral happening Profundity May When the soul doth emerge See reason and say The wild souls Remaining in places Where they found Themselves It was gods … Continue reading

An elephants eye

An imperfect cadence Surrounds Our whole being The chattering heard In the rumbles of time We wander the countryside Taking in everything Lifting our souls And feeling each crime Committed around us Where humans are present The turmoil the bedlam … Continue reading

Building up to a day for the elephants

It’s will always be unflattering Disparagingly so To work up to be venomous Condemning the great flow The pachyderms tremendous trust In who are human kind And to be made to think the worse To ostracise the mind Destructive criticism … Continue reading

Abusing Elephants

Mahouts are men of honour And are obliged to know Using them for rides Is wrong Dishonesty on show Its not a done thing Not at all Jaipur should realise Abusing them is artfulness And such action does appal You … Continue reading

12th of August a day when the elephants are held in our hearts

This date goes back nine years When Patricia Sims and Micbael Clark Of Canazwest pictures took it upon themselves to Try to leave their mark To persuade The countries gifted With great Pachyderms in fact Who Were suffering out in … Continue reading


As many as 356 Elephants Have crashed to the ground And have tragically died Botswana is mourning their loss As am I Why is it a mystery Still far and wide The bafflement really The humiliation As survivors we do … Continue reading

Elephants and Ivory and China

There is a growing realisation Out there In Villages in China People see That Elephants have Ivory And to want to use that substance animals have to be killed And seemingly Some assumed before That it wasn’t the case But … Continue reading


Another braggart In raptures because He can lie in ambush And of course push His agenda disguised A false narrative, he Can kill bloody armies Of wildness and free That rush of adrenaline Actually he Shits himself twice Goose pimples … Continue reading

The trophy murderer

The impulse to kill The excitement so called A sort of arousal for some Aaron a prophet a brother of Moses But a hunter today leaves me numb To the Arrogance out there The feeling that they Can do what … Continue reading

Sad little DUMBO

Such disrespect for DUMBO Who wasn’t dumb at all Only human beings so insensitive Could fall Under that spell of evil And call a pachyderm By such a dreadful title It’s meaning makes me squirm He always tried his honest … Continue reading

My sanity

There was a time within My living memory When I was wild and freedom Was my thing Captivity the enemy of wildness Derangement and delusions Though does bring Confusion and a mania of purpose A sort of imbecility I feel … Continue reading

“Dumbo” given a sad name and an even sadder life

Zoo’s Typical business model Conflicts with duty of care Ways of making extra profit Are introduced and there They Suffer so from ignorance In Thailand one such soul Tortured as a baby So as to control He was in a … Continue reading