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Unenlightenment prevailing Crass ignorance pertaining The empty headed half baked fools Unscholarly unread Suffering tunnel vision Unqualified and shallow Too many temple wallers Seemingly are led Back into their darkness Artless in the way They comprehend a incident And make … Continue reading

Pachyderms lament

We are really up against it Walking as we do Where accidents with trains Are constant and a clue The virtue of our being In places where we must Cross railways in our passage Just victims in the dust The … Continue reading

Elephants up against villagers

Territory Living space India like every other country we See conflict with the people with the wild life Thereabouts One man who holds a camera can see And show the world at large the sort of loathing The ill feeling … Continue reading

Baby elephants

Zimbabwe you are better Than what we now do see Selling baby elephants to CHINA Yes you be Selfish and very ignorant babies need to be With their mothers as you know For years yes and at least three And … Continue reading

Elephant Polo

Where is the mentality Or the reasoning power We need a stream of consciousness For without it, it feels sour A dose instead of mindlessness A much more vacuous view For elephants to play Polo It’s not what animals do … Continue reading

Pachyderms up against it

Despite our glorious stature Our powerful constancy Some men believe they have the upper hand But memory We have, and hold forever That is what we do And being beaten and injured By all the so called crew The mahouts … Continue reading

A elephant in distress

Wildness has its advantages But injuries can be Life threatening we know this And inevitably Some of us see the angels Men and women who Devote their lives to caring And one such case thats true Happened in Zimbabwe An … Continue reading


It’s been opened only four years It is an open zoo Still under construction That much it seems is true It is known as an orphanage But really that’s misleading The elephants there are prisoners And therefore I am reading … Continue reading

“Yai bua and Dok Geaw

The old gal was a century or more A life so long Packed with many a struggle Much of it so wrong She was in the trekking Giving rides to those Tourists who could walk Their lazy arses off But … Continue reading

Ran amok

At some Buddhist Pageant In Sri Lanka so I hear An elephant has run amok It’s was very clear It had been painted different colours And dressed up like a clown in all it’s foul regalia walking through the town … Continue reading