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It is my feeling ZOO’s will never Take the place of wildness Our arrogance does sever The natural life of animals Lack of exercise Lack of foraged wildness We must not believe their lies Elephants the largest pachyderms alive today … Continue reading


A state of expectation Of wildness and of freedom All that pent up suppressed need Unfulfilled and lost A prisoner who never committed any crimes But just was locked up anyway Just a sign of the times Resigned to the … Continue reading

German circus the worst of two worlds

The evil eyes are everywhere In Reutlingen today They call themselves a circus With animals that pay A high price to just to be there Five elephants by name BETTY NANDA TONGA KIMBA AND MAMBO They inflame every sensitivity For … Continue reading

Secretive savagery

There is one true angel Of mammalian descent Perhaps the true vegan Who shares its consent At the meadows of sea grass Where sparseness is true In those hollows of greenery Dugongs do chew Secretive long lived Thoughtful they be … Continue reading

Pachyderms do suffer greatly ( so listen to them more)

13 feet high 7000 kilos imagine that now if you will Sure some are smaller But still such great weight On four massive legs It’s wrong to conflate Size with true strength Power with big size We inexcusably don’t realise … Continue reading

Oil palm arrogance

Mismanaging the environment Refraining to see The enlightenment of what is creation Which now be Evident in forests Now put to wrong use Maladministration Leading to abuse Oil palm a misnomer Violence one can say Destruction of an eco system … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and the drought

Africa is drying up And heat is on the rise The land is like a desert Parched and is where those with eyes To see the land so desiccated Cry into their soul Elephants are falling on their knees Out … Continue reading

Chang Puak Camp Zoo THAILAND

Ignorance is an issue At this established zoo An no appreciation for what They all should do Clearly there’s crass ignorance And a lack of education Shallow and superficial And letting down the Nation Thailand deserves better By a long … Continue reading


Unenlightenment prevailing Crass ignorance pertaining The empty headed half baked fools Unscholarly unread Suffering tunnel vision Unqualified and shallow Too many temple wallers Seemingly are led Back into their darkness Artless in the way They comprehend a incident And make … Continue reading

Pachyderms lament

We are really up against it Walking as we do Where accidents with trains Are constant and a clue The virtue of our being In places where we must Cross railways in our passage Just victims in the dust The … Continue reading