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Decency and propriety Have been missing in my life Ever since I left Sri Lanka Really so much strife Vindictiveness and spitefulness The circus and the zoo Lack of appreciation Its shameful was some do Morality and ethicality Was just … Continue reading


when Chipperfield decided that an open park Display For animals like at Longleat Where Animals had no say As usual as an elephant My breathing is unlike Humans no pleural cavity And thus getting a spike Of pollution can affect … Continue reading


If the Daily Mail got me £410 thousand A few years ago The readerS were sure as I was In fact everyone there did know LOngleat was going to provide us With a haven and ele’s around They sure were … Continue reading

6000 days

An elephant never forgets We all know that is true So 6000 days she’s been all alone No one to speak to Elephants are social creatures Family is their thing Respect for one another That is what they bring To … Continue reading


There was a kind of promise And honour seemed to me The declared intention Almost a guarantee I would have companions Not nubian goats But they Said there would be elephants There to share my day So to find no … Continue reading


Anne believes that surveillance Is upsetting her a lot She’s aware eyes are upon her And really this is not In the spirit of her wildness Its spying after all Some might call it voyeurism And it does it does … Continue reading


So many empty words I hear All platitudes and I Am Anne and I find unfathomable Do they just want me to die? To fade away completely Longleat seems to me They misconstrue my every wish Just to live in … Continue reading


In deference to Longleat Captivity for me Feels more like what is convenient With less freedom to be Myself I am old and weary My life has not gone well Circus was a sentence More akin to hell An overiding … Continue reading


Old in the tooth With masterful thoughts Captivity really With all of its warts Breeds introversion And solitariness Ofcourse there are keepers All Humans lets stress They have a job to do Our banishment they Orchestrate its true Everyday I … Continue reading


It feels like a hopeless situation And the ideology From the circus Isnt really lost Thats how it seems to me Arthritis is an ailment That leaves me in despair When disappointment surfaces Such forlorn hope is there It crystallizes … Continue reading