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Botswana and it’s Elephants

There have been too many bodies Found recently we hear In Seronga and Eretsha To me it all seems clear The latest story posted Is it’s poisoning despite The stories that it isn’t There are warnings of the blight And … Continue reading

Phajaan breaking the babies spirit

Sociably dependent On the Matriarch and we See the vile dark mahouts Who sink deliberately Into vile persuasion Into wickedness Tied up sinews bursting Undergoing stress And these sickly babies Needing love and care And receiving the enormity Of iniquitous … Continue reading

Every working elephant

Dishonesty Apparent And insincerity Elephants are subjected to The most shabby villainy Treachery and betrayal To a Disingenuous Degree Torture as unchivalrous As torture can ever be From those who have no morals Who lead their life of crime Who … Continue reading


A melee of monsters And all of them human Local to where the bold Elephant lives Searching for water Perhaps with her daughter But up against wickedness Which sadly survives Kerala‘S Deception Comes at a price Pious inexactitude Hypocrisy too … Continue reading

Elephants dying

Such remorse and compunction Such sadness I feel For the number of elephants Dead That appeal To my senses is heartfelt In lockdown today With a storm raging our Outside Quite simply it may Bring so many tears to my … Continue reading


The most malevolent of hunters that T have ever heard A one man exterminator The figures feel absurd 5000 wonderful Elephants 50 courageous Lions 30 warrior Leopards 50 Hippo’s, signs Of iniquitous confusion 800 Buffalo’s I can feel the indignation … Continue reading

A poisoning in India

Scant respect for wild life In India today Another two elephants murdered By poisoning they say Elephants came to drink And someone laced the pond With a deadly poison Where really is the bond Of care for the Gifted elephants … Continue reading

She trusted us

We failed her Our wickedness And degradation Our guilt and ungodliness Became her salvation To leave with her baby And slip far away To the great Rainbow Bridge Where the unfallen lay In a state of grace Unversed and naive … Continue reading

27/5/2020 Ethiopia

The spitefulness and malignancy Of men described as poachers Hunters without license Vicious callous creeps Mercenary vileness TheyKilled 6 beautiful elephants One after the other The whirlwind that it reaps And what it is is the Ivory Trade China and … Continue reading

Kerala killing

Since my poem of the other day the poor elephant that died After  eating a pineapple stuffed with fireworks and inside its poor mouth it exploded and so damaged her jaw and we hear she died by choking But it … Continue reading

She Trusted the people

A fifteen year old pregnant Elephant Known to trust and be In the Silent Valley In Kerala my plea The Indians who live their Your evil incendiary Leaving traps around the place These gifted souls They be Desperate she was … Continue reading

Southern Africa and its horrible trade with China

Animals and China what they eat and kill ignorance is commonplace The  blood that many spill  in their own lives Meat Eaters,, Fish Eaters and the rest buying corporation foods is simply not the  best   China sees the elephant … Continue reading

Elephant hunting in Africa

I fail to see the difference as to why some countries do allow their gifted animals to be shot and killed   the  view we can make some money its a business after all and those who conduct these organisations should … Continue reading


It is my feeling ZOO’s will never Take the place of wildness Our arrogance does sever The natural life of animals Lack of exercise Lack of foraged wildness We must not believe their lies Elephants the largest pachyderms alive today … Continue reading


A state of expectation Of wildness and of freedom All that pent up suppressed need Unfulfilled and lost A prisoner who never committed any crimes But just was locked up anyway Just a sign of the times Resigned to the … Continue reading

German circus the worst of two worlds

The evil eyes are everywhere In Reutlingen today They call themselves a circus With animals that pay A high price to just to be there Five elephants by name BETTY NANDA TONGA KIMBA AND MAMBO They inflame every sensitivity For … Continue reading

Secretive savagery

There is one true angel Of mammalian descent Perhaps the true vegan Who shares its consent At the meadows of sea grass Where sparseness is true In those hollows of greenery Dugongs do chew Secretive long lived Thoughtful they be … Continue reading

Pachyderms do suffer greatly ( so listen to them more)

13 feet high 7000 kilos imagine that now if you will Sure some are smaller But still such great weight On four massive legs It’s wrong to conflate Size with true strength Power with big size We inexcusably don’t realise … Continue reading

Oil palm arrogance

Mismanaging the environment Refraining to see The enlightenment of what is creation Which now be Evident in forests Now put to wrong use Maladministration Leading to abuse Oil palm a misnomer Violence one can say Destruction of an eco system … Continue reading

Zimbabwe and the drought

Africa is drying up And heat is on the rise The land is like a desert Parched and is where those with eyes To see the land so desiccated Cry into their soul Elephants are falling on their knees Out … Continue reading

Chang Puak Camp Zoo THAILAND

Ignorance is an issue At this established zoo An no appreciation for what They all should do Clearly there’s crass ignorance And a lack of education Shallow and superficial And letting down the Nation Thailand deserves better By a long … Continue reading


Unenlightenment prevailing Crass ignorance pertaining The empty headed half baked fools Unscholarly unread Suffering tunnel vision Unqualified and shallow Too many temple wallers Seemingly are led Back into their darkness Artless in the way They comprehend a incident And make … Continue reading

Pachyderms lament

We are really up against it Walking as we do Where accidents with trains Are constant and a clue The virtue of our being In places where we must Cross railways in our passage Just victims in the dust The … Continue reading

Elephants up against villagers

Territory Living space India like every other country we See conflict with the people with the wild life Thereabouts One man who holds a camera can see And show the world at large the sort of loathing The ill feeling … Continue reading

Baby elephants

Zimbabwe you are better Than what we now do see Selling baby elephants to CHINA Yes you be Selfish and very ignorant babies need to be With their mothers as you know For years yes and at least three And … Continue reading

Elephant Polo

Where is the mentality Or the reasoning power We need a stream of consciousness For without it, it feels sour A dose instead of mindlessness A much more vacuous view For elephants to play Polo It’s not what animals do … Continue reading

Pachyderms up against it

Despite our glorious stature Our powerful constancy Some men believe they have the upper hand But memory We have, and hold forever That is what we do And being beaten and injured By all the so called crew The mahouts … Continue reading

A elephant in distress

Wildness has its advantages But injuries can be Life threatening we know this And inevitably Some of us see the angels Men and women who Devote their lives to caring And one such case thats true Happened in Zimbabwe An … Continue reading


It’s been opened only four years It is an open zoo Still under construction That much it seems is true It is known as an orphanage But really that’s misleading The elephants there are prisoners And therefore I am reading … Continue reading

“Yai bua and Dok Geaw

The old gal was a century or more A life so long Packed with many a struggle Much of it so wrong She was in the trekking Giving rides to those Tourists who could walk Their lazy arses off But … Continue reading