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Criminality and the killings

The use of words like conservation When killing is the sin Hunters out to murder To butcher and to skin To ship their trophies Home to where they put them on display Criminals that’s all they are In the bright … Continue reading


The Ruzizi river National Park Where father time has stood Watching the warring factions Which really wasnt good For all of Natures children Dotted around the scene The Hippo’s and the Crocodiles And the resplendent jungle green Much neglect and … Continue reading

Lakeshore drama’s in Africa today

This epic is played out Everyday Between the land and the lake Providing so much excitement More than some can take The Lions are clearly Up there leading actors they Have to take on crocodiles Who in the water lay … Continue reading

Ankarana in Madagascar

Rapiers sharp Great daggers of rock Jagged and rugged A monadnock Protectively harbouring Those now within The natural protection Of this limestone skin Such forbidding cliffs Pointing to the sky So deftly dangerous And remarkably high Only the masters of … Continue reading

Crocodile remember me MR Palmer?

They can live one hundred years And not eat for one year Really state of the art design Once seen most people fear This prehistoric monster Clad in armoured scales With teeth like sharpened daggers And just as hard as … Continue reading

Flagrancy a close call

IN Louis Vuitton’s own words “Rare and precious crocodile skin” Is what they make some of their bags from But for me its been wearing thin Its shaming to create a fashion In such a violent way Out of sight … Continue reading

Dr Gian Choo Hoo to some

CITES has this man on board In defence of who Animals is that his role If so what does he do He welcomes the shark finning And deals in crocodiles This must be an embarrassment That altogether riles Those who … Continue reading

NIle Crocodiles in the Kruger

Existence for a good long time 250 million years Creation got it right first time But now apparently there are some tears What is an amazing predator Is falling foul it seems Dying on the sandbanks With, unfulfilled dreams They … Continue reading

Ancient old souls

Perfectly designed in every detail 250 million years ago There can be no improvement it is perfect A predator of such regard we know The disrespect we give to non human animals Is stunning and our arrogance does grow Put … Continue reading


Tongues of jagged limestone Reach into the sky Tear the heart out of anyone Who dares to see how high Tossed out of an ancient bed Whose fingers cut and thrust Sum and substance climb immortal Grounded in pure trust … Continue reading