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The EU and the US tried by stealth To run us down Brought this so called TTIP In red tape we shall drown The crap about a boost to all economies Is all pie in the sky And pigeons coming … Continue reading

They won the market but lost their way somewhat

Thirty years ago or so Xintang you could say was born They started making jeans for export Reaching their new dawn They had some good cheap labour And raw materials too And a high percentage of artisans Who really really … Continue reading

VAXI nation

The absurdity of using lethal substances In vaccinations primed to safeguard those Likely to be struck down by bouts of the dreaded lurgi Its The vagaries of Government, I suppose And Mandatory the new kid on the health block Heavy … Continue reading

Think tanks and glass tubes

Smoking crack Cracked up we know Back in May Did the words flow A professor too inhaling he A sort of mini think tank free Thinker With business research You wouldn’t want to be left in the lurch A makeshift … Continue reading

The Navajo Nation and the gold king mine

They fail to understand And they truly fail to care They never knew the indigenous Were really ever there 300 abandoned hard rock mines The upper animus sites Private federal and state land And now of course it blights The … Continue reading

World travel Market and Sea world

Today i went to Sea World As a listener I wanted to learn their motives For all they do Their ethic about the capture Of Some of the ocean’s predators And how they justify it now All through They see … Continue reading

Wifi is killing us all

Wifi and tetra and smart meters they Are pinging our forests And what can i say Drive for a while And you may soon see The cell towers Emitting the micro wave qi Bees and other insects Cant live with … Continue reading

Chemical trails

Its happening everywhere Up in the skies The UK the USA and Europe The wise Geo engineers In the pay of the fools The grey suits Who treat us And make all the rules We are as bugs on a … Continue reading

Activisim and protest

The slaughterhouse Is guarded by the police And those who come To protest about the insanity From those who would be numb The huge great trucks Of victims Driving to the gate Have no chance of redemption They must now … Continue reading

Corporate enhancement

The corporate ideal Is really never one to feel The utility and ability To amplify for real The logic of perception And the colour of deception Taste and smell are paramount More from less can mean The Mary Shelley principle … Continue reading

Bolivia and their rebuke of Mc Donalds

The indigenous people have knowledge and power They sense what is good and generally how To maintain their lifestyle with seasonal food They take time and effort and try to include Local herbs organic produce for they Know what is … Continue reading

Niger Delta at Rumuekpe Shell oil

Hell has broken out in the Niger delta Where Shell is taking oil at such a pace all the while they are handing out the money to buy weapons which is really a disgrace   this is a troubled land … Continue reading

Corporate Conditioning its all in the training

Pets at home really have pulled off a coup they have worked through the activists possibly you may feel that big store down the street is ok with its vast stock of pet food its spruced up the way you … Continue reading

Water and your future

Every child deserves the right to drink fresh water, they have the right like anybody else why would they pay? whilst others waste so much of it how can that be fair no one says it has to be who … Continue reading