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Sea Spiracy believe every word it portrays

Sea Spiracy a film That takes us to another realm Transports us through reality And, does overwhelm The liars and the criminals That undoubtedly abound Long lines, trawlers, dredgers Who tragically are found Working under night skies Thieving as they … Continue reading

Sea Spiracy

We open the great doors And let some truths out Concerning the oceans And what they are about How 80 per cent of all life Still be In the confines Of the great panoply An array of such wonder Where … Continue reading

Poaching on the high seas

We all live on this amazing planet With oceans that present Seventy one per cent of what we have here And we have spent A lot of man years ruining The land mass and the sky And ruining the oceans … Continue reading

Long line fishing few prophets its all about profit

Biological Conservation And commercial fishing sees Conflict and improbity And what is dishonesty The Sea Birds like the Albatross Endangered and At risk Are being slaughtered daily In the killing fields Death’s brisk Out there on the ocean Its perilous, … Continue reading

Fishing aggregate devices or FADS

“Siso” was a Sperm Whale Who died a while ago trappe inside a Spadera A swordfish net we know Being worked illicitly Taking out the will Of artisanal fishing As so many fish they kill Its very rough and ready … Continue reading

Indiscriminate fishing

Commerciality In the world of animals Can tragically create a world Where compassion can be lost The empathy of caring Of living life and sharing Of facing competition And making life your mission Life is pure and sacred Which ever … Continue reading

Call wild Animals exotic when they are really just wild

China’s food obscenity For that is what it is Fruit Bats Dogs and Cats Wolf pups Rats and Mice Running here and running there Upside down in caves We share All the stuff that’s literally Diseased and eating shit for … Continue reading

Blast fishing

The ego trip these creeps are on No thought for others they What they get out of what they do Is all they want today Fishing they are not waiting They havent got a care In hell or any other … Continue reading

Walls of nets

The self-centred Wrapped up in themselves Egotistic louts Uncharitable and mercenary That leave me with no doubts Out to kill To maim to torture To catch To profit by Destruction of whoever Whoever happens by Drift net fishing Believe it … Continue reading

When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way The eternal life force day to day Whatever tribe inhabits earth Each communicates with avid worth Some imagine they have reached A higher echelon and have breached Consciousness and out beyond Wherever but Do … Continue reading

The oceans are dying

The oceans are dying So many are lying Through their back teeth Then on and beyond Poachers and hunters And criminal gangs Are out illegally The ocean hangs On a pure equilibrium NAture knows best Though the great corporations Are … Continue reading

Jessie Treverton and all our actions everywhere

The debacle that is Taiji Its historicity Compare it to the western lands And the hypocrisy The metaphysical outcome Of all of this may be A lack of understanding And intrinsicality The loss of face To the Japanese Is gravity … Continue reading

PAUL WATSON And SEA SHEPHERD and all the crew

What is absoluteness within the great oceans The givenness offers perpetuity The great whales the dolphins the pilots The greys So many species we enter a phase Of continued slaughter And science we hear Is often the reason Though that … Continue reading

Vegan angels lets reward them now

The Ocean has authenticity Its absoluteness spans Into perpetuity Its realism stands The course of time An immortal space A universe alone So supportive of the landmass And anyone whose thrown A line into the great lake The swimmers came … Continue reading

Seal king and his filthy hands

The seal hunt is on Feel the fear Breathe the pain Hatem Yavuz Oh yea him again Based in Australia Factories in Turkey Namibia loves this guy He holds the key All of the babies on the Skeleton coast Are … Continue reading

Over fishing for profit and for wages

it goes without saying the rise in the by catch thats unwanted souls who are tossed back in the ocean dead as a dodo can you imagine that cost?         its man he’s the culprit the corporate … Continue reading

Tesco’s tuna

Oriental amd Pacific seine caught Tuna 40 pence a can Tesco’s are selling it Greenpeace are yelling it commercially it  needs a ban this type of fishing is blatantly cruel we lose many species which is far from cool turtles … Continue reading