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Born in HELL

From torment The abyss and the inferno They came THe Malevolent spirits To always inflame The hearts of the angels The punishing gang The cuadrila Of wickedness Each scaffold should hang Every vile matador Just let him swing With his … Continue reading

Criminality and the killings

The use of words like conservation When killing is the sin Hunters out to murder To butcher and to skin To ship their trophies Home to where they put them on display Criminals that’s all they are In the bright … Continue reading

Australian Greyhounds exported to China

Dishonesty and untruthfulness Palm greasing nepotism Rascality and roguery Leading to recidivism Greyhounds out of New South Wales Tracks exported to Shanghai and to Macao To race Cheetah’s there The clue Profit, caring little For the wellbeing of these hounds … Continue reading

Cheetah walks

When we walk with the Cheetah What we do we learn We learn disrespect Yes at every turn Irreverence and unregarded That is what we learn Overlooking the Cheetah and its true concern This is an arrogant theorem That Lion … Continue reading