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“ Bubby” the three legged cat

A three legged cat Introduced himself To a Man called Boyd Who cared He named him “Bubby” And fed him And inside was overjoyed But “Bubby” had his own ideas And always left when he Was ready, obviously preferred the … Continue reading


A minstrel of sorts And what resides in his thoughts Is love and a tenderness, He Hunts in the moonlight In the wilds on his own Resigned to his space Out there alone He knows what he needs And his … Continue reading


Fur hags Dead eyes Thats the FUR Hags Lovers so they say Ignorant opportunists Unreliably in the pay Of Trappers. Murderers Hunters Scumbags who all wait To tempt a hungry animal And kill it at a rate Of knots, The … Continue reading


I call on the great Bastet Egyptian goddess, she Must come back from the years before And honestly now see What the Vietnamese are doing Transgressing to a point Murdering baby black cats Trying to annoint The jokers now believing … Continue reading

Leisure Hunters

Laying traps in order To catch wild souls and pets When you are after pheasants Really pushing bets They do it just for leisure Hobbyists infact Some breathing space Its a disgrace And House cats they attract Here we see … Continue reading

Eating a cat

Before she scoffs her cat meal She puts her lippy on We only catch sight of her mouth And hear the cockerell out upon A farmyard fence All bite and crunch Sickenly her guilt Dipping the head into some sauce … Continue reading

It happened in Bakewell

Potency and power The influence of how In Bakewell so we hear Some Hunters made it clear Walking hounds Its tyranny That dominance A strategy Vested interests everywhere Command prevail It is just there The High Break Hunt Defiantly Do … Continue reading


A truly memorable meeting A dream accomplished he Had seen the dragon motive And was so enthralled to be He felt some powerful magic And he wanted to be part Get aboard that chariot Yea right from the start After … Continue reading

The Victim

Dare we forget, the victim here A cat, a soul a heart A life itself a miracle Who just wanted to be part Of someone’s special family An animal, I know A member of the feline tribe Having to undergo … Continue reading

Muscle bound

A muscle bound thicko A trapper invests In telling the world On the front of his chest That he is a trapper Resigned it appears To Ambush wild cats And drive up their fears Bereft of All reasoning Cynically Cowering … Continue reading


Vulnerable I’ m feeling Vulnerable Thats what Jetster said to me Almost from the start You had got to his heart In an inkling he just felt so free It was all in his stars He was thinking On the … Continue reading

Wousers and my various mothers

I have had a wealth of mothers Of the human kind I was the famous waitrose cat Which kind of blew my mind I lived in Berkhamsted And walked there everyday Across the main Road down the hill I did … Continue reading

JET And his thoughts

Wousers and wabbits That’s the name of Jets game Out in the garden The very same Behind the bijou Near the Apple tree Where the wousers do scamper Perilously Wousers and wabbits Glittering white Their tiny blue eyes In the … Continue reading


Catnip known by cat lovers Around the world The felines do activate excite and purr It’s significant powers are true Feminine gender it had to be The planet Venus and water Is it’s element And Bast its deity Used widely … Continue reading

Vietnam and it’s cat fetish

Misplaced fear is rampant In Vietnam today Especially when it comes to Cats Many people say that they have Supernatural powers Inducing mortal fear And people have misgivings When they wander near There is a sort of phobia Against them … Continue reading

An early death possibly a godsend

The total insensitivity Which brought about the death The finality of a journey Lost She denied a breath All her dreams and wishes Negated by you Exhaling all that cannabis And what did ensue Her life was at a. Speedy … Continue reading

A little cat has found her god who will protect her soul forever

So much fluffy innocence Guiltless and fragile An unfallen state A kitten was bought And then raped It was her fate heinous beyond Any words Gang raped yes as well Seven boys did this To her Took the babe to … Continue reading

The death of a Mountain Lion (Cougar)

Winter in the forest Hunters on the prowl Two dogs and out a tracking The snow cover cries foul Not only to the Cougar But advantageous too For he can track the deer and elk But hunters can track him … Continue reading

A special note to mummy

I’ve been really poorly And my mum has nursed me She’s my saviour and my God Well actually my goddess I know I have been a rod For her poor back Don’t mean to be That wound under my tail … Continue reading

A reverence for Cats

The Egyptians have revered cats As Gods and goddesses they Were held in high repute And loved and cared for in a way When cats were killed out of respect They shaved their eyebrows they Held them in sublimity Forever … Continue reading

Hunting LYNX in Sweden

On the IUCN red list The wild Eurasian LYNX A beautiful cat Who knows where it’s at And many a hunter thinks They have the right to murder To pay a special fee To collect the skull And the skin … Continue reading

2 million cats

The government lack compassion For they Are grey suited robots At the end of the day Dealing in pretentious matters That’s how They get through tHeir day On the basis of now Lives do not matter Unless they belong To … Continue reading

TIK TOK and negligence

To disregard and thus neglect The where for all of souls Little cats and dogs out on the internet Whose roles Apparently are taken over By and indifferent crowd Whose neglect of them is obvious It’s like an evil shroud … Continue reading


Drenched in the street Puddles for ones feet Under a car Our little star “May” cast away In the squelch and the squash Lying in pain Completely awash When we found her Her heart beating fast as could be Timid … Continue reading

Chinese cats boiled alive

Thuggery and criminality Is everywhere In China too it’s rampant Imagine the despair Of street cats thousands of them and pet cats of course they Are all part of a market That for the wretched pay The fur trade and … Continue reading


A stunning and amazing soul A mountain full of fire An icy cape a vast great shape Of its beauty I won’t tire It is close to Riobamba From its rocky halo shroud All kinds of purple at its skirt … Continue reading

Cats in China fools in the West

China has unfortunately A percentage of souls Who are as wicked as the day is long Clearly they are poles apart from tHe emotional and sensitive For they Are into stealing pet cats They find along the way Other people … Continue reading


E bay now and AMAZON Are offering for sale steel Jaw traps imagine that It’s such a tragic tale Of utter woe and evil And I am surprised to see People profiting from this type Of iniquitous injury. The brain … Continue reading

The Laboratory&Pharmacology&Toxicology MIENBUTTEL

It’s good to report that a place That has been Violent and cruel And wholly obscene Is closing down Animals rights have said so A prison of horror It soon it will go Within the EU In Germany they Took … Continue reading

“The little kitten and the gentle logger”

Stuck inside a log As inquisitive as hell And somehow her body Was stuck fast And a friend helped her as well Using his machete Carefully he did chop Layer after layer He just didn’t stop Being ultra careful Slicing … Continue reading