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Iberian lynx

Prey animals and predators Are what Nature’s about Its balance its all worked out Infact there is no doubt Man is bloody arrogant To clever yes by far He also fucks up always He is definately no star Hunters talk … Continue reading

There is a deviant on the loose

The first case was recorded in 2014 In Croydon And since then we know 400 Cats Squirrels Foxes and Rabbits Have been murdered And just left on show Many spread eagled Left under bedroom windows A deviant clearly around Making … Continue reading

A cat story

She is out there on the podium Spilling cans of beans And when I went for a whoopsie The cheap new fish cuisines Has been giving me the runs And thats embarassing As I made my way to my quarters … Continue reading


The japanese have studied The feline race and feel A really close affinity Which they cannot conceal Their ancestors were certain Of their true worth to the soul Clearly bewitched by them And passing on their role Of freeing up … Continue reading

Aoshima ehime prefecture cat island

One of a dozen islands Around Japan today Where cats outnumber people In relation to the way ZEn saw cats as endearing With a freedom to endow Privileged and prosperous Each living in the now 0nly 15 humans live there … Continue reading

Cat Cafe

The ancestors loved their cats It seems Their soothing nature Filled their dreams With wonderment and objective Thought Which is why they are now sought Zen apparently began to find That watching cats Can free one’s mind Inconsequence connectedness And … Continue reading

A thought for my human mother

In present time I am with you Every second of every day You are whom I worship And so to you I say You have made my life complete For everything you do The food you give me The pi … Continue reading

Khabarovsk the Russian Far East

A terrible case of cruelty Of bitterness and woe Two student girls From Russia’s Far East Putting on a show Collecting cats and dogs from pounds Saving them from death And taking them home and murdering them Just casting out … Continue reading

The M25 cat killer

For two years it’s been happening Someone out there feels The need to go on a rampage Every so often steals The lives of pet cats seemingly With a machete what he does Is cut off their heads their paws … Continue reading

Spike Thompson

Spike Thompson he has left me Nineteen pounds of joy My delightful one and only Lovely ginger boy 16 years of happiness With a lady we all know And now he’s at the rainbow bridge Where the crystal waters flow … Continue reading