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Sea Turtles

We all see those films Little turtles I mean They dig out of the sand And innately the scene Is to fight their way forwards Down to the sea And hope they get there Unscathed After the mother has come … Continue reading


Carnivorous reptiles Frequent the red earth Making their great holes For all of their worth Gathering food Laying their eggs And digging their burrowsWith their Scales legs The Perentie gigantic More than two metres long They can be a real … Continue reading


They have been around For 15 million years Long long before Australians and so Should be respected But we ignore Their place alas Our arrogance And ignorance outweighs Their ability To live where creation put them Their malaise Is the … Continue reading

The cane toad mystery

Sometimes mankind attributes Success in what they do And takes on perhaps the reason That it’s us who muddles through When perhaps it’s disrespecting MOTHER NATURE who Has all the facts before her And knows exactly what to do One … Continue reading

QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world Selling bush meat they Sell Exotic meat and live animals And apparently it’s a way Of creating the new pandemics So why would Australia keep Working with live animals And be in them so … Continue reading

The meat trade RABBITS

In Queensland and Victoria The meat trade does its stuff Farming rabbits in wire cages Where life for them is tough It cuts into their feet And causes abscesses and they Suffer in their 8 weeks on this earth For … Continue reading

Pig dogging

Attested and genuine Torture personified Queensland Australia Land of the sun The blue skies The gum trees Where wild pigs are likely It’s here in this wonderland Where hunting is done Known as pig dogging The wild men called hunters … Continue reading

Where was bo -peep?

It happened in Australia About five years ago A sheep called “Chris” Went amiss And in the outback he did go Wandering for some six years Neglected tragically Bo peep clearly had gone to sleep When “Chris” just became free … Continue reading

Secretive savagery

There is one true angel Of mammalian descent Perhaps the true vegan Who shares its consent At the meadows of sea grass Where sparseness is true In those hollows of greenery Dugongs do chew Secretive long lived Thoughtful they be … Continue reading

2 million cats

The government lack compassion For they Are grey suited robots At the end of the day Dealing in pretentious matters That’s how They get through tHeir day On the basis of now Lives do not matter Unless they belong To … Continue reading