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Who really are the pests Out in Australia Killing feeding Roo’s In car lights they Harvesting they call it All sanitised tis said Dressing that is removing heads and tails From the poor dead For the flesh eating Aussies It … Continue reading

Killing fields of Victoria

50,000 years If thats not long enough To walk the earth The red earth of the bush Alongside aborigines Painting in their caves Where were the Victorians In their hell born graves None of them the apple Of their mothers … Continue reading


Guilty everyone of you Guilty as hell on earth Caught red-handed killing The iconic one whose worth To GOD in out back Heaven Their magical embrace With Nature and with History Of the latest Human Race The Kangaroo is special … Continue reading

Kangaroos news

We wake up this morning And what makes us feel Happier sadly is something so real America banning the import They say Of kangaroo body parts Why the delay? Why were they ever Murdering scum Importing body parts It leaves … Continue reading


Its land owners who convince The local government that they Really need to get their guns and blow the Roo’s away Murder them and kill them And harvest them their gobs are based on the illusion That there are too … Continue reading

Shoes and footballs and contempt

Perfection its out there The wild ones who be God given god made Faultless to see These magnificent animals Leaping away Under the hot sun On any day Designed for Australia In every way Their flawless condition To watch their … Continue reading

Koala are crying out grey suits have clogged up ear

The hard done by Koala Is facing the wrath Of Australian grey suits Who are not on their path Iconic creatures Fragile as hell Are thrown to the wolves With new laws that sell Their future away Its all claptrap … Continue reading

Hunting for that beloved trophy

Hunting for that beloved trophy A business that attracts those who Are taken in by the philanthropic Fiction Rewarding what they do Bushmeat its the locals who Are rewarded for the work they do The hunters with their where for … Continue reading


The godliest of creatures Outback angels, they Have been around For 50,000 years They know the way Arid forest areas Hot sun baking dry Kangaroo’s are made to be And they realise why They don’t have little babies Godly thats … Continue reading

Another dead dolphin

Try to imagine the spirit The life’s blood Enduring and breathing Essentially so In the blue salty ocean So much devotion Noose sandy beach Facing North as we know All that blueness A gentleness soft salty spray A gentle persuasion … Continue reading

DUGONGS their frantic plea to the ABORIGINE

Australia must hang their heads In utter shame, for they Allow the Native Rights brigade To actually get away With torturing and slaughtering The most iconic soul Suffering the agony Your hunting lacks control a great spear thrust in its … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA ready to obliterate

They thoughtlessly kill all the Roo’s That they can And as for the Barrier Reef Their love of coal Losing their soul Bringing the country To grief As for the Koala’s They get short shrift Wildness is frowned upon It … Continue reading

Wild life in Victoria

Terms like harvesting Disturb me Farmers need to be Educated and realise The Kangaroo’s they see In their state are wild Were put there by their god In relation to the environment Thus I think its odd Farming puts up … Continue reading


I don’t live in Australia But have travelled there And know The extent of the great Continent And its ebb and flow From Perth down to Adelaide And up to Darwin, I Then across to Cairns and down to Brisbane … Continue reading

The mania at fish farms

Invaders, the fish farms Humans who feel They own the fish And so they reveal Their business its Salmon In huge netted rings In the sea for gods sake And of course it brings The seals, they were put there … Continue reading

Cock fighting

Sydney suffers sadness Near Camden Valley Way At the Catherine Fields Where low life Their evil on display Fighting cocks Armed with steel spurs And spikes an abysmal way Of tapping into hereditary Behaviour to display Their principle of evil … Continue reading


Australia your disrespect For the Aboriginie Such irreverence and Disparagment Not something I want to see The Parliament should Realise their flag Runs true to all And denying them their ancestral rights Your bag Is clearly overflowing with Humiliation, they … Continue reading

Our precious Kangaroo

In 30 years some 90 million Kangaroo’s have lost their life Shot to death by shooters At night, whilst feeding So much extra strife Australia’s National Symbol Wild animals they be God put them on this continent Surrounded by the … Continue reading

LOCAl land services amendment BILL

Koalas have about as much chance To exist it seems Because of the above bill Apparently now teams Of Property Developers And large scale business Who Couldnt care a monkeys about what Wild life will do They are into making … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA bucking the trend

PETRICH bucks the trend And goes to bed with who The Chinese corporations This is what they do Chinese bright foods Exports all the way Ramping up the dairy And the methane everyday Moxey was kn the market And Petrich … Continue reading

Sacred sites

Sacred sites in WA Are desecrated every day Abused in every circumstance The Aboriginal spirit we The sanctity of soul The innermost integrity The building light And role they play In need of the absolute For their way Meticulous intent … Continue reading

WILD CAMELS they used to be shot and left to rot in the desert

Camels the ships of the desert Hardy and powerful and strong Remote Aboriginal Communities The Ngaanya yarra Lands What could go wrong Previously shot them And left them to rot But apparently developed some plans For sending them off to … Continue reading

Some one thinks they are Robin Hood

There is someone in Brabham That’s Western who, imagines That they have the right To get out their bow and their arrows And shoot Kangaroo’s shoot them on sight Mothers with babies imagine that gall A five month old baby … Continue reading

Residential mayhem

To all you Nature Lovers The hidden delight Havens of peace Towering forests The sight On your doorstep in fact A real great estate Spectacular views Where everything’s great You can build your own dream home And dream all the … Continue reading

They have been pulling the wool over our eyes

Apparently the sheep Farmers Drag their feet a lot They get a bit complacent And good husbandry is not Adhered to when it’s needed When the mothers need the feed Having twins and triplets Really it does lead A good … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading

The meat trade

It happens almost every night Where mothers stop to feed The outback is a lonely place Where shooters oft succeed convinced it’s entirely principled and faithful to a tee That they all Re honourable With sense of constancy Drive their … Continue reading

Buffalo too often a victim of ambush

Hunters who take out Buffalo’s With crossbow bolts held true Should stop and think of the agony They put the animal through This bovine beast of burden With a beating heart so wild Is ambushed in home territory He is … Continue reading

Moody vegan

The 3rd of May Was the actual day When you saw the light And found the way Forward into light and glory No more dead flesh In your story Vegan meals And a vegan life Clothes and no more Actual … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA irreverence for sheep shipped by sea

50,000 sheep are being shipped On Wednesday they Can Wave goodbye to Freemantle and they all sail away On a gigantic animal ship With one vet so I hear What miserable compromise One vet dear oh dear A dereliction of … Continue reading