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Eyestalk ablation

Aquaculture has its share Of barbarity Aimed at female prawns Who actually Are very sensitive To the local environment And codes of conduct do It seems to me Get buried under profit making Scenario’s The inconsiderateness and lack of concern … Continue reading

Great white

Existence for them Has been forever Absolute given and true Genuine physical predators Actual objective a tangible force A perfect killing machine The ocean’s their home Its where they roam Great big teeth and rather mean Thats how we see … Continue reading

Precious eyes

A coarseness on a magnitude Of passionless desire Inscrutable and unseeing A frigid heart of fire An obtuseness and stupidity A total lack of care Predisposed to anger And just being unfair Live exports an anathema A prison on the … Continue reading


A tiny little critter As Venomous as can be Found off Cairns and on the gold coast A predator who can see Its all within its tentacles And it has its guarantee Of the vilest pain there ever was And … Continue reading

Crown of thorns starfish

Apparently there is a phenomena Happening Out on the reefs thats is causing concern With no brain to speak of Just a cerebral nerve ring And eyes on its legs It thinks it is king In large enough numbers It … Continue reading

BROOME thats in Western Australia

BRoome in Western Australia Continues with its saintly greed As heroes in the midst of what we see In Taiji Yes indeed PIlot Whales and Dolphins Slaughtered out of hand Babies thrown back dead or dying Who dares understand The … Continue reading

BRoome goes the bass drum

YOur Sistership with Taiji it really has to end The bad press that your getting like a kid without a friend Cuddling up to murderers the outlaws have to see Pearl fishing all those asian bars but then it is … Continue reading

A new broom compared to an old BROOME

A Broome that fails to clean up DOlphin drives,in old TAIJI despite Austalia championing the rights At the IWC So where is Ric O Barry? Flippers closest friend The bloke no joke who likes to poke The japanese and send … Continue reading


Broome clearly ignorant of its decision To let Western down And create a division The japanese bombed them during the war But that didnt phase them They seem to ignore They talk up the pearl fishing And the japanese But … Continue reading

Aboriginies respect

Wild men they were not They were men with souls Men from the outback Who knew their roles Experiencing life Nothing they couldn’t do They lived where they lived And were always true They lived in the sun And they … Continue reading