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A love affair

Of all the towns In all the world One wonders why taiji Why japan How it began Both places on the sea The third of march In 42 The japanese came by Bombed the port of Broome And 88 did … Continue reading

Abusing kangaroo’s out of total ignorance

A boxing ring A kangaroo Expecting it to be Part of some great fight night Insensitivity A non-realization Crass ignorance we see An animal in bewilderment And the artless infamy Man unkind Untutored Illiterate And dumb Really the new age … Continue reading

Giving farmers in Australia free reign to murder kangaroos because they drink water

A drought in Australia And what do they do A flash of genius A great breakthrough The grey suits Are with it They accept Theres a drought So free reign to farmers To do something about The shortage of water … Continue reading

Epping Kangaroos

A mob of some 400 Kangaroo’s have been Given the mark of death From whom The RSPCA Its obscene. they are a charity Who kills many souls Cats and dogs and horses And kangaroos The goals Apparently are own goals … Continue reading

Processsing of Kangaroo

We come back once again To how we process Wild kangaroos the purpose Was so we Can incorporate the kanga’s Into the pet food trade To extend the shelf life And profitability This is done with adding Sulphur dioxide Masking … Continue reading

Corporation coles where are your souls

The iconic ones Your judgement stuns To stoop down to this low A place in whats called retail Where no one needs to go The Kangaroo has leapt into Our hearts for so many years Depicted on great rock art … Continue reading

Planet Earth from the perspective of the indigenous peoples

Actists defenders protectors Of the land More of them are being killed Is it hard to understand They are the heartfelt warriors Their morality they share Often abused and maltreated And martyred everywhere Anguished and ansgt ridden Victimized they be … Continue reading

The wild Kangaroo’s

Fifty pence a kilo Thats what the kangaroo Fetches now the wholesale price Its not what we should do Regarding the economy And our iconic pride Watching them we can Learn A lot Lf what they keep inside The meat … Continue reading

out of sight out of mind really Australia?

Despite the closer scrutiny Of live exports what we see Is still too many sheep that die On each voyage which feels to me Like abuse and dreadful cruelty These are animals and they Face stress beyond their wildest thoughts … Continue reading

Exporting live animals to the middle east by ship

Morality appears to have just Disappeared for good Shippers are unconscious And insincere they should Care about the animals And realise their worth Creation made them miracles On One part of this earth To Farmers trucking animals In sweltering heat, … Continue reading