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Sacred sites

Sacred sites in WA Are desecrated every day Abused in every circumstance The Aboriginal spirit we The sanctity of soul The innermost integrity The building light And role they play In need of the absolute For their way Meticulous intent … Continue reading

WILD CAMELS they used to be shot and left to rot in the desert

Camels the ships of the desert Hardy and powerful and strong Remote Aboriginal Communities The Ngaanya yarra Lands What could go wrong Previously shot them And left them to rot But apparently developed some plans For sending them off to … Continue reading

Some one thinks they are Robin Hood

There is someone in Brabham That’s Western who, imagines That they have the right To get out their bow and their arrows And shoot Kangaroo’s shoot them on sight Mothers with babies imagine that gall A five month old baby … Continue reading

Residential mayhem

To all you Nature Lovers The hidden delight Havens of peace Towering forests The sight On your doorstep in fact A real great estate Spectacular views Where everything’s great You can build your own dream home And dream all the … Continue reading

They have been pulling the wool over our eyes

Apparently the sheep Farmers Drag their feet a lot They get a bit complacent And good husbandry is not Adhered to when it’s needed When the mothers need the feed Having twins and triplets Really it does lead A good … Continue reading

My dear friend Alan

You were alone When it happened Resolute, dreaming perhaps A lapse to the norm Just feeling warm A solution the kind that just wraps Itself in a limbo of being Oblivious almost of things Abstracted and taken Away in that … Continue reading

The meat trade

It happens almost every night Where mothers stop to feed The outback is a lonely place Where shooters oft succeed convinced it’s entirely principled and faithful to a tee That they all Re honourable With sense of constancy Drive their … Continue reading

Buffalo too often a victim of ambush

Hunters who take out Buffalo’s With crossbow bolts held true Should stop and think of the agony They put the animal through This bovine beast of burden With a beating heart so wild Is ambushed in home territory He is … Continue reading

Moody vegan

The 3rd of May Was the actual day When you saw the light And found the way Forward into light and glory No more dead flesh In your story Vegan meals And a vegan life Clothes and no more Actual … Continue reading

AUSTRALIA irreverence for sheep shipped by sea

50,000 sheep are being shipped On Wednesday they Can Wave goodbye to Freemantle and they all sail away On a gigantic animal ship With one vet so I hear What miserable compromise One vet dear oh dear A dereliction of … Continue reading

Australian dishonour

There is no honour amongst friends That much we know is true Greyhounds give themselves away By running as they do Racing around a track To catch the non existent one Winning is the only way When the day is … Continue reading


Connectedness apparent A kinship one can feel A really strong identity With lots of keen appeal A pair of wood pigeons Clearly him and her But she clearly wears the trousers For she on the higher spur Up there on … Continue reading

Sea Turtles

We all see those films Little turtles I mean They dig out of the sand And innately the scene Is to fight their way forwards Down to the sea And hope they get there Unscathed After the mother has come … Continue reading


Carnivorous reptiles Frequent the red earth Making their great holes For all of their worth Gathering food Laying their eggs And digging their burrowsWith their Scales legs The Perentie gigantic More than two metres long They can be a real … Continue reading


They have been around For 15 million years Long long before Australians and so Should be respected But we ignore Their place alas Our arrogance And ignorance outweighs Their ability To live where creation put them Their malaise Is the … Continue reading

The cane toad mystery

Sometimes mankind attributes Success in what they do And takes on perhaps the reason That it’s us who muddles through When perhaps it’s disrespecting MOTHER NATURE who Has all the facts before her And knows exactly what to do One … Continue reading

QLD and NSW live animal markets

Wild life markets around the world Selling bush meat they Sell Exotic meat and live animals And apparently it’s a way Of creating the new pandemics So why would Australia keep Working with live animals And be in them so … Continue reading

The meat trade RABBITS

In Queensland and Victoria The meat trade does its stuff Farming rabbits in wire cages Where life for them is tough It cuts into their feet And causes abscesses and they Suffer in their 8 weeks on this earth For … Continue reading

Pig dogging

Attested and genuine Torture personified Queensland Australia Land of the sun The blue skies The gum trees Where wild pigs are likely It’s here in this wonderland Where hunting is done Known as pig dogging The wild men called hunters … Continue reading

Where was bo -peep?

It happened in Australia About five years ago A sheep called “Chris” Went amiss And in the outback he did go Wandering for some six years Neglected tragically Bo peep clearly had gone to sleep When “Chris” just became free … Continue reading

Secretive savagery

There is one true angel Of mammalian descent Perhaps the true vegan Who shares its consent At the meadows of sea grass Where sparseness is true In those hollows of greenery Dugongs do chew Secretive long lived Thoughtful they be … Continue reading

2 million cats

The government lack compassion For they Are grey suited robots At the end of the day Dealing in pretentious matters That’s how They get through tHeir day On the basis of now Lives do not matter Unless they belong To … Continue reading

Blue gum logging and the koalas

Life is about animals Not blue gum never logging Taking out the forest Tearing down the trees Ripping through the oxygen Violently descending A new crucifixion As the spirited are bending The Koala gifted miracle Living in no other land … Continue reading

A personal appeal

When you are yellow and brown And don’t wear a gown A helmeted turtle Sometimes a frown Is all you can muster And the reason for that When the water is dank And not where it’s at The Biripi people … Continue reading

Ancient and angelic

Gifted to Australia More important to The Manning River environment Where ancient reptiles do Live their precious lives And curiously evolve In a guiltless habitation Where the passionate may solve they are an endangered species Little turtles they The helmeted … Continue reading

A plea from a kangaroo MOTHER

We feel blighted we feel slighted Disappointed that mankind Consider themselves as caring And thoughtful Underlined in all these flowery Flowing terms What we really see As marsupials in wildness Is a torrid cruelty Yes a disenchantment Thwarted so to … Continue reading


The covetous and mercenary Arrogance of those Who cannot seem to appreciate Wildness and the throes Of living in the outback The wilderness angels who Have loved and preserved The wonder that’s out there Good and true Godliness and the … Continue reading

It happened in Clontarf last Monday

Someone recorded a women In sneakers In pink jogging bottoms Of medium build apparently trying To Injure her greyhound To suffocate him Close to some field With a plastic bag Held over its mouth Whilst asking it why It tried … Continue reading

“Jeremy” POSSUM

Despite our historicity And the outback being our place to be Still the criminal throwback creed Don’t want us wild souls To succeed They shoot some any time they can When they are feeding it’s their plan To gun them … Continue reading

Wallaby dead flesh

Wallaby on the bone Wallaby mince Purveyors are everywhere Waiting to convince The public at large Nutritionally That dead flesh Is good tasting and principally Game meat, exotic For people and pets And a vast mortality Really that sets Badly … Continue reading