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Kanga anga

To have reconciled With our noble wild And iconic Kangaroo Its gallantry Its gentility Acknowledged Through and through Re branding it k-Roo infact And encouraging folk to eat And to want more Roo’s Is just not good news We should … Continue reading

Duck hunting in Australia (victoria,south australia,tasmania and privately in NSW)

Apparently there is joy Amongst Duck Hunters When the season starts They are out there Killing, they Use 12 bore shot guns Buy their permits And shoot these lovely ducks Its the greatest sport or so they say Every hunter … Continue reading

Adani go back to India and stay there

Gifted the great barrier reef 1400 miles Along Australia’s North East Coast And it ticks all the dials Some 3000 different corals Drawing souls from near and far A wonder of our world today The Barrier Reef a star Among … Continue reading

Kangaroo the new film

For millions of years They have lived on this land Absolutely amazing Maternal and grand Designed for the outback And the motherland Fantastic lineage Can we understand They are not pests They are good to be here Creation knew better … Continue reading

Macropods and their time on earth

Supposedly protected from non aboriginal hunting The law which law is that ? with lobbyists whose big gobs Only a small number are hunted by the hunters Red males eastern greys and the common wallaroo We all know that the … Continue reading

My beloved Kangaroos

Every single shooter For me is a mercenary Dry eyed guilty of extremes and potent thuggery It is really all left up to those assassins out at night A single shot to a big red’s head So obvious in the … Continue reading

Stanley and Josephine

We are unique in several ways Our feet our bills And if you gaze You might notice what we say And how we get around each day My name is Stanley Human John gave me the name He just locked … Continue reading

Gangarru (honour and respect)

Respect is sadly lacking For Creation and beyond The philosophy of existence The realness and the bond We have with factuality Our great mother for she And her enduring priciples Are perpetually Reminding us totemism Is linked to dreamtime and … Continue reading

Animals are emotional unlike the Australian Politicians

Australia seems to recognise That animals now will Because they have emotions I read this, and a chill Went down my back Yea Suddenly What of the kangaroo’s Shot to death Their joey stomped on This is breaking news! The … Continue reading

Tag me a Roo killer

Superior airs and graces Puts them through their paces Scorn and much disdain And derision is their gain Unworthiness and puerility Contemtible for all to see Consider beneath one And ignore To underrate and what is more To have moved … Continue reading