FIve G and beyond

Joe Imbriano the Fullerton Informer He tells us as it is and what to do Living with this weapons grade technology 5th generation wireless which is true Its at radar range and an ever increasing roll out The electro magnetic … Continue reading

Gaza from a childs point of view

For children living now There is no future Life is day to day And nothing more Annihilation The destruction of your way of life All around you really blood and gore Unimaginable horror At your bedside Nightmares are the stories … Continue reading

Petcoke America’s vomit sold to India and elsewhere

The legitimacy of tar sands crude And filthy dirty fuel The bottom of the barrel The dregs that become the jewel In the crowns of the energy corporates Who see an opening there To export to Indian factories And cause … Continue reading

Those MP’s (they know who they were)

Blank minds guilty really Of the thoughtlessness we see A degree of unintelligence And complete inanity Unconcerned and uninvolved Apathetic and inert Swollen with true arrogance Flippant which does hurt Improvident and disconcerting Paying no attention to What is their … Continue reading

Die offs and the possibility of arrogance

Financial gain is the ultimate experience Controlling Nature seems to be the thing Die offs happen there are many reasons The ocean’s very existence though is king It occupies much of the planets surface Much if it unexplored its great … Continue reading