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We found him on a construction site Looking the worst for wear Clearly he was hungry and in his own despair Scalding at his rear end And a big wound at his side His tail was full, of maggots And … Continue reading


He was laying paralysed Clearly in pain Exhausted and dusty In the hot sun again and again DY by day just lying there With his own thoughts Creating despair We found him and Took the sacking a Away His skin … Continue reading

The tar babies

Street dogs Just imagine Their life out in the sun A mother and her litter When the day is done In amongst the corrugated iron And cans of tar Leaking out where babies Lie Where little bodies are Three of … Continue reading


A wound behind his head Where he was unable to lick clean And in that neglectful period It began to look obscene As the blow fly maggots Gobbled up the festering flesh And blood In a couple days it’s was … Continue reading


A meaningless existence Uncertainty and pain Out there on the streets Fighting ones corner yet again Up against the traffic The noise and people who Really hAve no care atvall For anyone like you Rejected by society Spurned by everyone … Continue reading


A beautiful heart Barely beating Just left on waste ground In a heap Unconscious a soul Who switched off the fight Who was prostrate And had quietly switched off The light So much trepidation For one soul so small With … Continue reading

“Tinker” the little calf

Absolute and enduring A frantic mother cries Heart breaking Her calf in danger Underneath the skies In a swamp hole Mud and slush thorns and Dark despair She had Fallen and was dying Very few aware The mother clearly beside … Continue reading


A street dog with a problem Scorching in the sun Mange had taken over It clearly was no fun With So much irritation Inflamed with lots of sores street life did exacerbate The condition in the wars We were called … Continue reading


The tiniest of puppies just lying by a box Whimpering and crying Just so many shocks Going through her little body The unjustifiability The world at large ignoring Nobody did see Going about their own business A mortal in distress … Continue reading


An accident and Archie was the victim Sadly he Really came off the worse for wear As anyone could see His right eye very damaged As was his mouth and jaw And his front legs He was in great shock … Continue reading