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Nyirmacibiri( the lone women who lived on the mountain)

Her inclination was to serve With a penchant for those who Were known to be the voiceless tribes Receptive through and through She had the enthusiasm and the dedication And she Was one of the so called “trimates” Louis Leakey’s … Continue reading

Bovine mothers

Females to the farmer A ticket to a life Where kidnap rape and torture And several years of strife Are commonplace Are expected The cruelty of man Purposefully for profit Its all part of the plan We watch a cow … Continue reading


Its deep seated in the culture In the tradition of a place In Africa it is illegal And these days a disgrace Wild and feral animals The sick ones too can be Victims in the killing Which is why now … Continue reading

Fish farming

Nothingness and emptiness An insidious degree Destruction of a species For profitability Unreal a groundless motive Existence without thought A phenomenal disclosure An abstration that is sought Unclassifiabilty with a consequence To bear The wrong association A deviation where Unidentified … Continue reading

Crocodile heirarchy

great jagged jAws Teeth all over the place Rugged and menacing To have one chase You would be nightmarish That you can say Its all about fear of them Thats every day What you might not know about them Is … Continue reading

Sabi Sands lions

The Sabi sand game reserve Privately owned Has today got a problem With Lions that have roamed Across the reserve In the heat of the day Under drought conditions And have started to pay A price for such stress Has … Continue reading

Three screams

Back in the dusty old annals in China Eating, something rare Gave much to the diner A social standing that was their thought And communal wealth clearly was sought These kind of people had little regard For animal species and … Continue reading

Shortcomings of a CAFO concentrated animal farming operation

Mercola surmises That may be some surprises Why Alzheimer’s disease Is Increasing so much Could be the reason The great CAFO season Of arrogance everywhere And We’re out of touch animals giving us their Flesh, we call meat The stuff … Continue reading

Maybe it’s not the allergy from Hell but from Heaven

The lone star Tick originally from Texas but tends to follow the white tailed deer who roams here there and blooming everywhere looking for some pasture certainly in rural places combs those meat eaters carnivores extraordinary who polish off their … Continue reading

Blind baby mice wine

baby mice as well as rice a tonic to malign TCM forever for the sun will never shine down on these sweet innocents their eyes will never see anything but the deluge that drowns them instantly taken from their mother … Continue reading