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Trophy hunting scumbags

none of them on the the breadline But as hunters go they be Underfinanced and niggardly And just so miserly They want to go to Africa Game hunters thats their thing And looking through the safari books The prices kind … Continue reading

Maria Diekmann and Honey Bun

This prototype Creature A pine cone on legs Walks like the dinosaur Almost it begs As it wanders through wild bush At quite a few knots The scaly mammal And we see lots Of them being slaughtered Apparently they Have … Continue reading

Akashinga (the brave ones)

They look the part They act the part They are all heart and they Are the women they are the brave ones The Akashinga pay Attention to the animals That some would hunt and kill Uprightness and honesty And integrity … Continue reading

Cough syrup

The pharmaceutical corporations They have so much power If they stoop to enter The street market and vow To infiltrate the pharmacies Directly then they might Cause a revolution That will be far from slight In Nigeria we are seeing … Continue reading

Barbara Fruth and her work with Bonobo’s

BOnobo’s congo basis healers Can we learn and hope to share From the rainforest the pharmacy Possibly with care Pulchritude and perfection The rainforest an endless dream Such magic born of nature Whose radiance does seem To harbour many many … Continue reading

The mule women

Its a very hard life For these women At Melilla a border town where SPAIN and Morocco are trading But deep in the heat and despair At five am every morning The women queue up and await A pittance for … Continue reading

Wheelchair hunter

Its all about one’s thinking The wantonness of pain A beautiful wild Leopard Will never breathe again And why is this A brazen fool as offensive as can be Sits there on his wheelchair Unashamed and heartless he Imagines as … Continue reading

I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

Existence for me was at odds with my soul With the urges I felt with the lack of control Humans their arrogance basically they Have hearts and have minds but cant find a way Out of their deep seated violence … Continue reading


They are killing the angels Dropping like flies If you protect animals Its no surprise If others are making a killing Then they Will try very hard to put you away Ivory sales the elephant clan Rhinocerus horn despite the … Continue reading

SUZI and the Lahore Zoo

a zoo is a place where arrogance Has reached a total high Its where inconceivability Is a logjam in the sky Its unthinkable in wild terms Not feasible at all Exchanging what was harmony For wire cages and a wall … Continue reading