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Wheelchair hunter

Its all about one’s thinking The wantonness of pain A beautiful wild Leopard Will never breathe again And why is this A brazen fool as offensive as can be Sits there on his wheelchair Unashamed and heartless he Imagines as … Continue reading

I was always a lost soul “SUDAN”

Existence for me was at odds with my soul With the urges I felt with the lack of control Humans their arrogance basically they Have hearts and have minds but cant find a way Out of their deep seated violence … Continue reading


They are killing the angels Dropping like flies If you protect animals Its no surprise If others are making a killing Then they Will try very hard to put you away Ivory sales the elephant clan Rhinocerus horn despite the … Continue reading

SUZI and the Lahore Zoo

a zoo is a place where arrogance Has reached a total high Its where inconceivability Is a logjam in the sky Its unthinkable in wild terms Not feasible at all Exchanging what was harmony For wire cages and a wall … Continue reading


The unscrupulous opportunism In Zimbabwe today Because therecwas a dry spell The artfulness to pay Little respect to the Elephants And deviously try To poison what was left around Of the limited water supply It calls for a lot of … Continue reading


The Ruzizi river National Park Where father time has stood Watching the warring factions Which really wasnt good For all of Natures children Dotted around the scene The Hippo’s and the Crocodiles And the resplendent jungle green Much neglect and … Continue reading

Trophy hunter killing

The indignity and mortification Of trophy hunting on the nation Africa’s tears should roll tonight Hearing this elephant at the height Of its resignation and true despair With these bloody hunters standing there They have shot and wounded a majestic … Continue reading

Wild Lion v captivity

An awareness born of consciousness A philosophy of being In the now of reasoning And perception and all seeing Vitalism verging on an meditative desire To pit ones wits And be wrapped in thought With ones hunting heart of fire … Continue reading

The lions and the Buffalo

Botswana’s Okavango Delta The Drama and the prayer A pride of Lions so hungry And a Buffalo Bull was there 900 massive kilos Of muscle through and through Standing in the swamp alone What were they planning to do? He … Continue reading

Child trafficking and chocolate

The big boys joys Are many The Nestle’s of this world MARS KRAFT CARGILL Corporatocracy Unfurled Africa West Africa Is indeed a melting pot Where buyers based in Abidjan Are earning such a lot The tragedy child slavery Trafficking its … Continue reading