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Jane Goodall and Stevie Nicks tribute

I speak of two marvellous women Both angels in our world One a spectacular singer And the other a lass Who was hurled Into the heart of Africa One of Leakey’s three Her quest to help the great apes The … Continue reading


Botswana’s gifted Elephants Have reached a new high noon The government are clearly Utterly out of tune With the world over its Elephants Denying them the right To live in Peace and harmony Without the need to fight. These vile … Continue reading

Fighting for African Animals

Fighting for Africa’s animals Writing and posting each day And seeing canned hunting Murdering Lions And African farmers Who prey On Mistaken and so naive hunters Absorbing deceit everyday They Travel and murder the caged ones lions, duped and drugged … Continue reading

A Queen of Queens

In death the Queens of Queens Lies in a sensitive repose Bloodied in remembrance Adored I do suppose A tenderness about her A willingness to be All she had ever dreamed of Till the shots rang out and she Fell … Continue reading


There was a time When this poor soul was loved By someone, they took him home and looked after him That was until They left him In the street to roam Under the hot sun His bid To find somewhere … Continue reading

Unfair trade thats chocolate

Growing cocoa isn’t easy Its hard work and the prices paid By our Multi National Buyers Seemingly Make unfair trade The reality accordingly Margins seemingly Are weighted against the growers Which is why slavery And why growers are Disrespected seen … Continue reading

Chocolate and Mali

The children of Mali Are struggling to be Part of gods country Of humanity Fear and trepidation They hold in their heart For traffickings rife Cart after cart And sent over the border Where the chocolate is grown For the … Continue reading

Wickedness was all I saw

Such love such depth Such empathy A token of generosity Such affection Such intimacy On her bucket list Of Integrity A valentine Oh goodness me What unbelievable chivalry A dead giraffe Its heart torn free And gifted to her As … Continue reading

Namibia and Botswana

Gifted by god Historicity The big five Are in flight Sinners there are many Who seem heartless And delight In selling off the pristine wilderness Under the feet of animal angels In fact a human blight Who behind closed doors … Continue reading

Addoo park in South Africa

The third largest Park In South Africa Is critical today Water holes are drying up, The drought is really way To serious as elephants Are dying we can see That panic is now setting in Which really cannot be We … Continue reading

Namibia and Botswana

What is clearly wrong with Africa The historicity Gifted wonderful tribes of souls The animals so free The tribesman the Indigenous Its what Africa is about The people and the countryside Really who is in any doubt Politicians where are … Continue reading

Blake Barnett HUNTER

Whose a slave The africans And conservation means We go and shoot at animals If its within your means Then call it what you want to call it The trophy is the thing Skip across to Africa And don’t forget … Continue reading

The san BUSHMEN of the Kalahari

We must never forget the bushmen The kalahari san Gatherers their miracles Of what the gods have done In the inhospitable desert A nation struggles on An upright Indigenous People With the constancy upon Every inch of their lives From … Continue reading

Okavango’s tears are apparent already

Okavango’s wildness hurts Recon Africa Energy skirts The wondrous land of fertile worth Part of what is Gods rich earth Namibia and Botswana they Apparently are prepared to play Ball with Houston And a fracking man Called Ricky Steensberger Who … Continue reading

Zebra are right to murder

Getting close to Nature Really rocks his world Murdering the Zebras Were he feels he’s hurled In amongst the wild life All the dead flesh he Cuts it off the corpses And takes it home for tea. The horns and … Continue reading

Hard wired

Elon Musk’s Irreverence For wildness Apparently He purports To go alongside GOD To increase mentality Neglecting to appreciate The intelligence one needs Disparaging organics And seemingly succeeds In imagining that abusing A chimpanzee Conducting his digital programming In where, he … Continue reading

The horned ungulates

Its pitiful in many ways The Rhinocerus For they can weigh a tonne Quite easily But have become the prey Of Black marketeers Who service The TCM brigade And Vietnam are stupified And its on their heads Its laid Ground … Continue reading

Hunter man I am no fan

They are everywhere Man creatures The woodwork Is prepared Creepy crawlie Hunting types The plunderers Are spared They you see Are culpable Camouflage and lead Waiting in the shadows And shooting wild life dead In this case its a LEOPARD … Continue reading

Namibia and its gifted Elephants

History gifted the greatest Land animal Living today the great gods Had seen To distribute these herds On land thought to be Where they could live Out their lives honourably A firmness of purpose An inclination to be Predestined to … Continue reading

Hunting for that beloved trophy

Hunting for that beloved trophy A business that attracts those who Are taken in by the philanthropic Fiction Rewarding what they do Bushmeat its the locals who Are rewarded for the work they do The hunters with their where for … Continue reading

We are proud of our Daddy

We are proud of our Daddy Whilst Africa mourns One Rhino is dead But flogging its horns Will pay for the holiday Out in the sun Watching a warrior Really he spun In a circle, as our bullets Took him … Continue reading


Makomo Resources A coalmine Near Sinamatela camp Hwang NP A really big truck Was Speeding of course One look tells all We can see 2 Elephants Minding their business Tragically yes It appears And died in a heap Upside down … Continue reading

Victims of Hunters

The internet Safari’s They advertise And tell Hunters who want Holidays Which do amount to Hell For animals in Africa Living where they were put The wilderness the landscape Its out there underfoot Here is one bold feline A cat … Continue reading

A Gambian Boy

Big brown eyes A solid smile A forest gazer And many a mile He runs His gait is fast and sure Wildness and his Need for more His comprehension Its from his core His choice of food He loves it … Continue reading


Thinking of souls this gentleman Wild as the afternoon sun An elephant of stature Whose shadow clearly won Respect of other wild souls A regent in his way Deliberate and experienced In his movement through each day Exacerbated with fences … Continue reading

TV host huntress

She was Born in Sarasota Florida and she A Gemini in the year Of the Ox Is where she be A, tv presenter And a huntress Of big game Posting on social media She is different So they claim She … Continue reading


LIMPOPO province Thats where we be Said the man with the BOW Our, safari Will open your eyes And get to your gut For the Wildest and best We just are never shut The big five All gifted to AFRICA … Continue reading

A monkey was made by God

There is denial in the human race A race we can never win Science listening to the current Mob And There is a lot of sin Emanating from them illogical as Hell Many not in the real world But Under … Continue reading

Gorillas are wild

You stole me from the Congo From my family yes twas you Put me in this shit hole Called the place a zoo Took away the emerald hills The greenery and more Flew me to This concrete cell To share … Continue reading

Trophy hunting

With drought killing elephants What do we see The wankers and bankers The small brained who be Coming to Zimbabwe To sample The fair Shooting the big 4 Because they live there America reverses the rules So to say By … Continue reading