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Ubari sand sea

AFrica’s enormous desert The saharan scene THe ubari sand sea Pyramids Vast sand dunes have always been Rising upwards artistically Casting their shadows wide Tempting the Swallows from nigeria Really to come in side 1200 miles of flapping widely Brought … Continue reading

Gugu and Impy and the Thula Thula Rhino Orphanage

A orphanage was raided By two armed men And they raped a women Killed two baby Rhino’s On that day Gugu died immediately IMpy sadly he Had to then be euthanised Which was tragically The worse thing that could Have … Continue reading

The great migration

Fresh water and green grass To taste the verdure of the day Its what commands respect in Wilderbeest Whose real dismay The herds emaciated from the numbers Starving where The need and thrust Is to travel through the African dust … Continue reading


We must come to terms with reality For there is no other way We must look hard at the animals Of Africa and say Their loss is clearly our gain And our gain has to be At their loss thats … Continue reading

UGANDA and its iconic elephants

THere was a time when 60,000 Elephants roamed Uganda Not so long ago in real terms They The architects of the environment Able to sustain All the other animals With everything to gain From their footprint Then agriculture raised its … Continue reading

The story of the table grapes

A cock crows Its the semblance of a reality That was Where human shadows gather In the great land of the dust Waiting there or getting On the try Thats there to bust The spirit and the vigour The responsiveness … Continue reading

Whose a handsome boy then?

A joyful disposition A euphoria for life Fulfilment every single day Each excursion sees no strife Blessed by the almighty Confident and strong No reason to grumble Serenity and song A youth with such high spirits Elevated by The irrepressible … Continue reading

Naivasha just 100 KM from Nairobi

The second largest fresh water lake In Africa 250 sq miles and its cold Just 15 metres deep The Rift valley if we leap Backwards BOAC flights Were sold And Would land here From 1937 for 13 years They landed … Continue reading

E Jiao (Donkey hide gelatin)

TRaditional Chinese Medicine Creates victims everywhere Millions face the good old chop And hours of true despair The donkeys for example A gentle soul they be A fact of life undeniably Whose possibility Has been to work and laboured long … Continue reading

A sad little story of eli chops who lost his dear mama

Often children lag behind We see it everywhere And eli chops was no exception His poor mum did despair Whenever she was with him Wherever they would go Her inquisitive little soldier boy Was So much in the flow Of … Continue reading