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The lions and the Buffalo

Botswana’s Okavango Delta The Drama and the prayer A pride of Lions so hungry And a Buffalo Bull was there 900 massive kilos Of muscle through and through Standing in the swamp alone What were they planning to do? He … Continue reading

Child trafficking and chocolate

The big boys joys Are many The Nestle’s of this world MARS KRAFT CARGILL Corporatocracy Unfurled Africa West Africa Is indeed a melting pot Where buyers based in Abidjan Are earning such a lot The tragedy child slavery Trafficking its … Continue reading

Musiara the baby elephant

In January a baby Was found a mystery As to why the herd had left him Such a tragedy Covered in dry mud and weak He had been seen by air And he was flown to Nairobi On a drip … Continue reading

Infested slime

They are crimes against humanity Bleeding our water dry Rivers lakes and aquifers The question I ask why? People in water scarce areas Scratching in the dust Drinking polluted water Dont you feel disgust? So a land baron in Texas … Continue reading

Nyirmacibiri( the lone women who lived on the mountain)

Her inclination was to serve With a penchant for those who Were known to be the voiceless tribes Receptive through and through She had the enthusiasm and the dedication And she Was one of the so called “trimates” Louis Leakey’s … Continue reading

Gender equality Rwanda and elsewhere

After the genocide The burden for all Survivors demanded And essential tool The heart and the soul of a nation To be Brought closer together For eternity Women those widowed And mentally stressed Within their pure gender Were always on … Continue reading

Africa’s problem with Lions and human encroachment

Space a specific area A true locality A vastness where wild animals Have lived and have felt free But now we see true conflict With human beings who Also use the precious land And want to live there too Agricultural … Continue reading

Trump and the trophies

We know his sons are hunters And elephants they have killed No doubt the lobbying power is there For all the blood thats spilled Overstepping the mark though Transgression of this type It was a vile intrusion A really ugly … Continue reading

We are all its victims somewhere down the line

The unscrupulousness and opportunism Of the ape smugglers who use The vile palm oil destruction And tragically refuse To realise their artfulness Their crookedness their shame For getting mixed up in illicit wildlife As if it was a game Ofcourse … Continue reading


Enduring undying Eternal is she A genuine attested women And free Of what was a rampant sexism Which took many to task but for her was a hook She managed to overcome With Her mothers power And Her mothers commitment … Continue reading