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“Evil begins with the hooting of an OWL”

Some 30,000 Aka people Live in the CONGO they Are purely forest dwellers In the warm light of each day Pygmies under five feet tall A faith and way of being Undeniably indigenous And genuinely all seeing The forest is … Continue reading

Vianet D’jenguet of “MY CONGO” fame

A sensitive soul Who sees wildness like children do What is just realness Creation and more Touched by the sadness Moved by the gladness A tangible reason He says to adore The Congo “My Congo” across the great river Where … Continue reading

It’s over

Without knowing the meaning Of joy we experience Life with our mothers Idyllic it was But So many changes And Humiliation Come to the family And it is because Humans continue To search in our homelands Our vulnerability Seemingly sets … Continue reading


I was so frightened And not very strong When I got lost It all just went wrong Trapped in the mud Didn’t know what to do I cried out But nobody heard me Then you Abraham Njenga With students came … Continue reading

“Big boy” and the birth of CLZ in his honour

There was something about him Apart from his great stature He took it on himself to be the one The guru and the mentor For a number of the other males He possessed a status That was second to none … Continue reading

Lion bone trade

The Kings of the jungle Apparently they Get so little respect anymore We can say The trade in their bones Is a vindictive game Of relentless spite How can we claim To be fair and humane In all that we … Continue reading

The local hero

Six days it took him From 6 to six In a raging heat With spade and picks Nicholas Muchemi A labourer he Rebuilt a road Diligently It seems a landowner Decided that they The people were using his land And … Continue reading

Camel rides in Egypt

Tourism seems to bring out The worst in many a soul In Egypt what the handlers do Prove they have lost control Their unruliness is awful Their savage brutal ways Extra heavy handed Imagining it pays Camels those great desert … Continue reading

Hollywood and safari’s

Selling the concept Making it pay Irreverence fills up The hours in the day Selling the man thing The gristle the grunt The meanness the wanting To be in the hunt For a trophy to take home For the puff … Continue reading

Safari’s to Hell

The set up is clear Encouraging those Resigned to the hunt And the kill For it grows In the hearts of the hunter The throwback to when Manhood it mattered Truly fighting men Saw there path forward As warriors who … Continue reading