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Hunting holidays for all the family

We see a happy family Mum and dad and all On their hunting holiday Children as a rule Can spend some useful Hunting hours Out there on the farm Can join up with the hosts family Where all the world … Continue reading


Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Zambia’s quest for more trophy hunters

The time this all flared up Was about two years ago The country wants a reason To increase the hunter flow And Hippo’s have tusk ivory Great teeth and trophy fair And are a draw I understand Though some are … Continue reading

Eyes wide open but failing to see the truth

Using the eyes We were given to see And feel pain And sharing it all constantly Being mindful about life Of Knowing the strain Bearing down on those of us Who truthfully gain We do make a difference And devastatingly … Continue reading

The King

Inspired by my lovely friend Maria The king can bring us anything And can wing it for a few With his glorious mane Has so much to gain When like this he looks at you In his myriad of colours … Continue reading

Hump back 2

The waves the palm fronds Paradise for some I do expect A great whale a great humpback A baleen I detect Its karma to be present Among the human soul At Ponta do Ouro Mozambique Under their control It happened … Continue reading

Sasha’s new life

A wild heart full of spirit Found being behind bars Under lock and key all day Life’s enduring scars A Guatamalan Circus Slavery to boot Deprivation ordered Bondage an offshoot A decade of existence Coercion to exclude Every breath of … Continue reading

The great APE

Be uncertain whether one might run For you came upon him without a gun In every probability It was plausible and presumptive he Might lash out at you But possibly If you kept quiet And delicately Avoided eye contact That … Continue reading

Japan and African Ivory

Yahoo Japan is very very lenient With trade on ivory sales spparently Despite Rakuten closing down its platform YAhoo could not care less it seems to me The elephant should be much more respected The criminals we know are everywhere … Continue reading


An assuredness And an irrefutable Moral certainty RETETI ELephant Sanctuary Does unerringly Go about its business To rescue and to care For elephant calves in trouble Why? Because they want to And they are so aware Responders using heartfelt Energy … Continue reading