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UGANDA and its iconic elephants

THere was a time when 60,000 Elephants roamed Uganda Not so long ago in real terms They The architects of the environment Able to sustain All the other animals With everything to gain From their footprint Then agriculture raised its … Continue reading

The story of the table grapes

A cock crows Its the semblance of a reality That was Where human shadows gather In the great land of the dust Waiting there or getting On the try Thats there to bust The spirit and the vigour The responsiveness … Continue reading

Whose a handsome boy then?

A joyful disposition A euphoria for life Fulfilment every single day Each excursion sees no strife Blessed by the almighty Confident and strong No reason to grumble Serenity and song A youth with such high spirits Elevated by The irrepressible … Continue reading

Naivasha just 100 KM from Nairobi

The second largest fresh water lake In Africa 250 sq miles and its cold Just 15 metres deep The Rift valley if we leap Backwards BOAC flights Were sold And Would land here From 1937 for 13 years They landed … Continue reading

E Jiao (Donkey hide gelatin)

TRaditional Chinese Medicine Creates victims everywhere Millions face the good old chop And hours of true despair The donkeys for example A gentle soul they be A fact of life undeniably Whose possibility Has been to work and laboured long … Continue reading

A sad little story of eli chops who lost his dear mama

Often children lag behind We see it everywhere And eli chops was no exception His poor mum did despair Whenever she was with him Wherever they would go Her inquisitive little soldier boy Was So much in the flow Of … Continue reading

A mother and her son

In this day and age In a year of such adversity abroad To witness true existence for our eyes Is a reward Reality has proven the maternal spirit shows In a climate where devotion For one’s offspring clearly grows It … Continue reading

Trophy hunting and how they play it between themselves

Apparently there is a relationship Between some government ministers and those Possibly bankers and industrialists Whose urge to go hunting still grows The trophies the canned hunting business Its corporate squalor gone mad And importing trophies to display on their … Continue reading

TUMBILI Sanctuary

A happy home and enchanting place Where blessedness and bliss Really a seventh heaven And of course the emphasis Is on thoughtfulness and kindness For fulfilment is the key For those irreversibly damaged By human cruelty Instinctively affection Predisposes soul … Continue reading


The absolute venality The lack of conscience, we What is the unscrupulousness Utter obliquity Criminal gangs Are at it Syndicates out there In Vietnam and China And fhe spoils they all now share The good for nothing roguery Scoundrels everywhere … Continue reading