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Descended from the wild ass Some 40 million now In the world and mostly Pack animals and how They work hard in hot climates Draught animals they be They eat a lot of grass They eat voraciously. Recently Pakistan Has … Continue reading

Wrong doing and corruption

Some Animals hardly have any rights Other than to work and surely die In Africa more especially In Zimbabwe It is high Time that the poor old donkeys Got a thought or two They are beaten up and badgered Working … Continue reading

Elephants in the snow

Its ingenuous And arrogant To have elephants in the snow To abuse them in a circus Somewhere where they shouldnt go They are the biggest land animals With weight issues and they Should not be walking on tarmac roads Or … Continue reading

Gorillas we have missed

They are a peaceful family Powerful certainly Strictly vegetarians Which accounts for their Honesty Respectful of their environment And their family as a whole They have a code of honour And as great apes do have soul DIane Fossey knew … Continue reading


In Africa The people are the culprits The taste of the domesticaled souls Do not become as sought after As the wild souls of the forest Huge quantities are being killed Whose roles Fed into biodiversity and environments And what … Continue reading

Hunting holidays for all the family

We see a happy family Mum and dad and all On their hunting holiday Children as a rule Can spend some useful Hunting hours Out there on the farm Can join up with the hosts family Where all the world … Continue reading


Conservation and community Is never going to be A defence against The hunters Who only want to see Murdering the wildlife That appears their only goal Which is totally unsustainable And proves they have no soul Here it happened in … Continue reading

Zambia’s quest for more trophy hunters

The time this all flared up Was about two years ago The country wants a reason To increase the hunter flow And Hippo’s have tusk ivory Great teeth and trophy fair And are a draw I understand Though some are … Continue reading

Eyes wide open but failing to see the truth

Using the eyes We were given to see And feel pain And sharing it all constantly Being mindful about life Of Knowing the strain Bearing down on those of us Who truthfully gain We do make a difference And devastatingly … Continue reading

The King

Inspired by my lovely friend Maria The king can bring us anything And can wing it for a few With his glorious mane Has so much to gain When like this he looks at you In his myriad of colours … Continue reading