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That poor mule

Animals have to have rights Otherwise We hear they get raped By the sickest of guys In Brazil yesterday At the ranch Taperao In an unfallen state What we here now Is a man of thirty Living close by Took … Continue reading


LIMPOPO province Thats where we be Said the man with the BOW Our, safari Will open your eyes And get to your gut For the Wildest and best We just are never shut The big five All gifted to AFRICA … Continue reading


I want you to try and imagine What its like for the great whales To be Sharing their oceans with plastics Clogging us up tragically The beaches are scattered with All sorts Ignorance With a capital I This poor sperm … Continue reading

Fishing aggregate devices or FADS

“Siso” was a Sperm Whale Who died a while ago trappe inside a Spadera A swordfish net we know Being worked illicitly Taking out the will Of artisanal fishing As so many fish they kill Its very rough and ready … Continue reading

Luther and Buck

He did not care a fcuk About Luther and Buck Two captive dolphins Poor Sods Captivity Left them As nervous as Hell Wanting to be near Their gods That complete realisation That wildness was once more To be The possible … Continue reading

MMPA and all that

The Marine Mammal Protection Act A nightmare for our Ric Molly poor old lady Thankfully the brick She saw it she remembered it Thats the kind of man That rallies all the screaming gals Thats his jolly plan Imagine on … Continue reading

Dolphins never smile not any more

Dont ask a federal judge To budge Why should he anyway Captive dolphins Let out And literally made to pay “Bogie”Bacall” “Jake” “Luther” and “Buck” All found the draw of the sea Were let out to roam Away from their … Continue reading

How many Pear Tree’s are there

How many Partridge In those Pear Trees Get out the guns Lads Now if you please Non migratory Their Red legs I spy Chestnut tails Whirring wings Oh yes how they fly Gadebridge The shoots there Happiness rides As the … Continue reading

Dolores Oriordan

Crimson trees She’s the goddess And the children Are waiting Golden hair golden lips Golden dress whose berating Litter bins Warrington Two lads Had died Blown away All that hate On that date They denied Jonathan Ball 3 years old … Continue reading

Taiji disparaged by anyone with a mindful outlook on life

Bitchiness at Animal Rights As passions are created Its Malevolent and misplaced The cloven hooves incorporated Acrimony and rancour And often enmity Setting out to find the souls Enlisting treachery Behaviourally this often Is the case for those Who watch … Continue reading

LOCAl land services amendment BILL

Koalas have about as much chance To exist it seems Because of the above bill Apparently now teams Of Property Developers And large scale business Who Couldnt care a monkeys about what Wild life will do They are into making … Continue reading

A monkey was made by God

There is denial in the human race A race we can never win Science listening to the current Mob And There is a lot of sin Emanating from them illogical as Hell Many not in the real world But Under … Continue reading

Good Energy

A stalwart campaigner A GREEN pioneer Thats Juliet Davenport Yes and the year 1999 A long time ago When she took on the fossil Fuel giants, you know Not exactly an enviable position to be But she was a champion … Continue reading


Indonesia my home Among the mangroves On the coast Twas there they came Those bastards That really I hate most I ended up as an exhibit Taunted every day Made to feel embarrassed In an extraordinary way Borneo my homeland … Continue reading

Sinking ship of fools

Sinking its an apparition Wishful thinking Perhaps for some An illusion where confusion A mirage underneath the sun Fools who see the duplicity Of others who believe That arrogance is their game of chance In which only they achieve Such … Continue reading

Dolphin on the “edge”

Wildness is to godliness And to actuality The Present realisation Of what it means to me The ocean and its inhabitants Each fundamental dream Genuine and grounded Enduring it would seem Having substance and emotion Phenomenal and true And Each … Continue reading

Meat = dead flesh and profits not prophets

Factory farms have spread across This country pretty fast Huge scale indoor facilities That state of affairs is cast Far and wide with hundreds Of animals inside Really a robotic rise Which farmers have denied Cows in fields munching on … Continue reading

Anger issues

A so called shooter Has some anger issues So much so the coppers Say to those walkers On the bridal paths To watch out for this person So much so his belligerence Which grows More and more aggresively And seemingly … Continue reading

Trophy hunting instructor

Exposing trophy hunting Someone has to try They are not human beings Nor monsters they rely On social media stories As glories come and go Trapping the wild animals Its not dominance you know Parents letting children learn From these … Continue reading


Demure, my arse Made up to look Attractive sadly Brought to book This savage, heartless Wicked troll Was out a hunting Without soul A bear killer An “awesome hunt” Her morals loose A sinful punt Ambush bait Thats what we … Continue reading

Laws and toffs

Laws were never passed for TOffs Not the hunting types The rooted suited booted clan Who always get the gripes When groups of SABS Are present who know they break the law Those toffs all high on fino Oh yea … Continue reading

Montana and its menfolk

Lack of respect for the wild ones Irreverence for sure Leaving contraptions around the place Surprise tactics for sure Torturing suffering bleeding Disdainful in so many ways What they do in Montana Honestly it plays Into their lack of principle … Continue reading


Its arrogance personified The new gods so to say They decide who lives and dies The RSPB way They should be under scrutiny When They decide who dies They have taken over Nature Their ignorance defies All logic, and all … Continue reading

Dead flesh

The meat trade earn their PROFIT From killing and murdering they Do not stop to contemplate Lives along the way A life an honest miracle Snubbed out when they choose Doesn’t matter about The family There is no time to … Continue reading

Once I was a piglet

Once I was a piglet A soft innocent wee soul Farmed out to the CAFO Unknowing of my role Just one of the many Among the wicked breed Designed we heard for bacon For spare ribs YES indeed A baby … Continue reading

Hares and coursing

malignancy and malice Amongst the coursing who spitefully use the flat lands To do what they must do Exercise their greyhounds or their Sitehounds in the way Of chasing hares at special fairs Passing the time of day Hunting killng … Continue reading

Felipe v

It seems to me Felive the fifth All those years ago Had more sense than the present lot About the great Bull Show Killing torturing Bulls The aristocratic way Of belittling the class of men Who look the other way … Continue reading

Where did humanity go

Impoverishment Its out there It ravages through time Contamination Adulteration Its now all on the line Humanity has sunken To depths perverted by Maladministration And really every lie Imaginable The unskillfulness The totally unendowed Belligerence and aggression Its all been … Continue reading

University owls and their misfortune

Sheesh Mysore has it him To experiment and he Has one of those enquiring analytical minds And tragically Within John Hopkins Uni Sone sixty owls appear As guinea pigs for torture And its very clear On very sensitive Godly created … Continue reading

Nordstrom across all its lines

Compunction and compassion Are an order of the day Benevolence and gentleness Creates a bright new ray Of optimism true charity Of feeling from the heart And for fashion stores to adopt This strategy is a good start Down the … Continue reading