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Alleged man eater Tiger shot

Habitat encroachment Where cattle are kept We see Wild tigers drawn Its only natural The vulnerability Obvious to many And likely What happened here Why this Bahmapuri Tigress Attacked villagers Tis clear It was put out By the authorities This … Continue reading

Atlantic Salmon and why farming them is nuts

The naivete of thinking that your knowledge Is beyond The Natural world of Gaia Establishing this bond With obsession and with tenets That you believe is true Is in essence just credulity Its what corporates do Its bewilderingly obvious How … Continue reading

Logging and what it really means

Logging opens up space It casts our minds back where The forests rampant in its green Seemed to attack despair Every inch of every where Was created and achieved a balance and Gaia was there And I just felt relieved … Continue reading

Detroit red wings and the Octopus

The Stanley Cup finals In Detroit I hear Back in 52 It became kind of clear With 8 arms Their seemed some significance And so They Adopted the octopus And then did throw Live and dead creatures When the play … Continue reading

Money buys Science

There are too many psychopths In Science today Too many universities Who seem to get their way Messing with the food supply And with animals alas Its actually undeniable That much of this is crass Animals are experimented on All … Continue reading

Absence of thought

The largest land animal living Perceptive cognizant and brave A pachyderm with a great stream Of consciousness In Kerala whose left to save With an absence of thought For their welfare Its a cultural thing maybe so But because they … Continue reading

Amarula and the elephants

Oblivion feels possible For the elephants of old Destruction of their habitat And their babies being sold The amarula fruit tree mob Decided they must try And raise elephant awareness For so many now do die Ivory poachers critically Are … Continue reading

Exporting elephants to far off countries

Really we’re all guilty Even those who say On facebook they are helping Most look the other way Post our comments freely And go to bed at night As more and more young elephants Lose their right to light Stolen … Continue reading

An unfortunate black bear

A child at 6 unfortunately Was taught to go and kill Squirrels rabbits and other feral souls A bitter pill For me to take, I have to say And what we read today Is this litte girl Now can’t stop … Continue reading

Big eyes no heart

A South Korean Restaurant In Pusan prides itself on offering its customers Living foods. How loathsome and our hateful To imagine it can be right To consume living creation Enjoying every bite Torn out of the ocean As painful as … Continue reading