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ICELAND 77 78 and 79

Three endangered fin whales Were this morning gleefully Swimming in their freedom In the cold Atlantic sea A realness undeniably Attested and so sure Enduring all life threw at them And a great deal more Each part of the angelic … Continue reading


It bugs me in so many ways Why the angels of this world Really have to suffer As around them they see hurled Violation and transgression Dishonesty and crime Hunters vivisectionists And abusers how they climb Out of anothers misery … Continue reading

A horror from the dairy

Little known You can understand Just why that may be Unborn calves Their pregnant mums Slaughtered Which for me Is wicked Absolutely Its immorality Ungodly and irreligious But it happens As we see The leather trade Can profit From the … Continue reading

Sea gulls

The sociableness and gregariousness Of the seagulls Their gatherings In numbers a real treat Foraging the world For any morsal Their plaintive garrulous voices Always greet The visitors All wheeling overhead And Coming down to share A family picnic Working … Continue reading


New Zealand is at war With invasive species Especially those who frequent The wilder climes Use is made of 1080 Or sodium fluoroacetate A metabolic poison And a sign of the times Its delivered by drops From a single aircraft … Continue reading

A love affair

Of all the towns In all the world One wonders why taiji Why japan How it began Both places on the sea The third of march In 42 The japanese came by Bombed the port of Broome And 88 did … Continue reading

Live exports banned all over India

Animal RIGHTS Have come of age In india today Providing all the evidence That live exports Are no way Of ever treating animals Sending them to their death And torturing them on voyages even denying them breath Its discriminative behaviour … Continue reading


An assuredness And an irrefutable Moral certainty RETETI ELephant Sanctuary Does unerringly Go about its business To rescue and to care For elephant calves in trouble Why? Because they want to And they are so aware Responders using heartfelt Energy … Continue reading

“Torturing a conscience” so says Hugo

Transgressing into sinfulness Could only ever be Worth anything to those who have Mastered their infamy A matador who felled a bull So contorted with the pain Would have less chance of a conscience And therefore our disdain And Hugo’s … Continue reading


The principle of evil The amorality When aimed at the immaculate The creatures that were Free The males seemed rather frightened To cry To let the world Know their unworldly spirit That the iniquitous had hurled A dolphin cried Its … Continue reading