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Master and his horseman

Huge Meynell started it Fox hunting the fool It’s pertains to the upper crust The countryside to rule A pack of hungry hounds in tow A wizen fox away The unspeakable is happening In a wood somewhere today Despite the … Continue reading


The wilderness in Winter To realise it’s way Enduring and perpetual every single day Subsisting as so many do Within the confines there Where winter casts its shadows And causes some despair A canvas blank and snowy white With silhouettes … Continue reading


They are really going through the mill For Australia believes It’s wildlife are now very frail Industry achieves A lot more than the animals Gifted to the land The Koala is one of those gifts Which some don’t understand They … Continue reading


A dripping tap of devilry Has taken all I loved away The bloodbath of repetitiveness Must surely now forever stay A stain that grows within my soul A child whose eyes now dare To question the true sanity Of why … Continue reading

Elephant Polo

Where is the mentality Or the reasoning power We need a stream of consciousness For without it, it feels sour A dose instead of mindlessness A much more vacuous view For elephants to play Polo It’s not what animals do … Continue reading

Canada Goose

It goes right through you It does for me The screwballs trap We didn’t see And now my leg is held Real tight And Canada GOOSE Believes it’s right They pay the oddballs who do this shit Next to nothing, … Continue reading


GADHIMAI God all mighty Existence if it’s known Uncreated and unmade These murderers have blown Their chances in the afterlife Through ignorant acclaim Murdering the innocent Can now only inflame The baseless groundless evil That exists in soulless fools Insubstantiality … Continue reading

So called hunting ban

The obtuseness and naïveté of the public The so called hunts that shouldn’t be allowed Following a trail a denial that does sail Out across oblivion for every likely tale That we come across where riders and hounds Are in … Continue reading

Gothic crows

There is certain hero worship Between the crows today The frosty branches Crisp and white Sees consternation play Out each flying foray Wizards in a way Spectacular and observing About their grand display bewilderingly obvious They gasp they gawk they … Continue reading

28 years

28 years And out at six That’s how the law expects to fix The Radicalised and on the run Ready to kill When the day is done Terrorists are everywhere They have re invented their right to clear The good … Continue reading