Sam Simon

Meeting Captain Thomas
A good old French name that
And the good ship Sam Simon
On the West coast of France
Were at
There to talk to Government
And get the message through
That Dolphins are dying
In fishing nets
And its so wrong, that they do
Expiring literally with no air
Such intelligent caring souls
Of Their struggles and their agony
We must all be more aware

Fishermen are killing
Some 10000 souls a year.thats
More than the Taiji drives
Imagine all that fear
Generated, struggling
The frustration of it all
The painfulness and the shock of it
And No one to hear their call

They are full of life and play
Vivacity a need
So joyful following ships
For hours
Really they succeed
In winning sailors hearts and minds
With seaweed fronds they play
Really bringing some happiness
And sharing all the way

Being shown around the ship
And fleetingly we met
Some of the crew
All hard working
Doing good
A set
Of warriors, with courage
A home of homes they share
Aboard the ship together
Sailing everywhere

Really it was informative
A jolly good idea
The Captain was very helpful
And loves it, that is clear
Positive and genuine
Thats how he came across
A happy crew with vegan food
And really as the Boss
He really gives a good impression
Answers all the questions
It was so interesting to see

Down into the engine room
It was noisy down there
But everyone looked happy
Clearly they all care
The lounge watching Sea Spiracy
I wrote an ode for that
All the work you do each day
And everywhere you are at
I am sure feel a lot better
That you are on the sea
Protecting and preserving
Where you all love to be

Tied up the ship looks really good
Looked after we can see
Cleaning painting working hard
Its where they love to be
The commitment and the ease
In which the viewing could take place
It so points to efficency
And a crew who love the space
Everywhere feels homely
Lived in and aware
Everyone is friendly
I felt great to just be there

With you all

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