Road kill and Neolithic remains

Today I drove to Oxfordshire
To the ancient ROLLRIGHT Stones
It was dull when I left Hertfordshire
But by lunch time many tones
From the light intensely vivid
And every kind of hue
Depicted on the roadsides
Produced a scintillating view
The Hawthorns already were ablaze
With blossoms
three weeks early
A factor to amaze
Hedgerow planted daffodils
And so much clarity
Of colour really everywhere
an inspiring place to be
The winding roads
The Stone built houses
Floral splendour everywhere
The Naturalness of Spring
Its burst of new life
Wanting all to share
The effulgence of each moment
As it flashes by
Taking in the greenery
And the gradually bluish sky
A kaleidoscopic vista
So joyful to the eye.

The sun had brought the
Pheasants Cocks and Hens at play
Strutting at the road edge
Such innocence does pay
A high price, as sadly motorists
Are driving speedily
And these birds unabated
Just wandering aimlessly
Are coming into contact
A lot of victims, lay
Crushed under a speeding car
A naivete in play
A lack of understanding
And duty of care
Driver some see the dead victims
But are adding to their despair
The actual lack
of awareness coupled with
Driving fast
“And there’s one attempting
To cross right now”
Who feels that rapid blast
Dying just in moments
hazard lights
Place the bird in the hedgerows
Whilst perceptivily it fights
For life
But we Do this rather than leave it
To be crushed as it will be
Under the tyres of other cars
Coming constantly

Then A number of Badgers too
These country lanes
Are Death traps true
One wonders whether wild
Are ever baffled
In each attempt to cross
Some do make it others don’t
Which becomes a family loss

The evidence is everywhere
On the roads today
The misery it causes
For the families
It must pray
On all their minds
Sentients they be
And losing loved ones
Has to be a tragedy
A sadness to recount for sure
The ancientness on hand
Neolithic relics
And the ignorant whose hand
Has to be all over them
Even sitting on
4000 years of history
The Stones they are no con
Respect get off the time its taken
Weathers us and we
Need your cooperation not
Your weight
It musn’t be
Sat upon
Kicking your feet
Respect our ancient wonderland
Where ritual makers meet

It’s prominent on the Notice Board
Look but do not touch
Have respect for the history
Its long, and it needs so much
Thought when visiting
Ancient sites
So to see folk seated there
Is hurtful, and is damaging
Giving others some despair
The rights of care
Are paramount
And breaking them should be
Liable to a reprimand
Or a hefty penalty.

It is a bounden duty
To protect the ancient sites
4000 years of weathering
Withstanding the wind that bites
Into ancient sandstone
Thus all are duty bound
To report the vandals
Whoever they are
And wherever they are found.

A pre birthday jaunt and picnic
With my best friend

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