Real courage in my book

Cast your minds back
A lone warrior stood
He was not a soldier
Just someone as good
Facing a machine
A red army tank
And a face that was blank

And he on the square
As tenacious as hell
His immovability
Which He held well
The world watched the drama
His obstinacy
One bigot
Being rebellious
Unrelenting was he
The man by himself
Taking on the CCP
Such unflagging courage
That we all could see


The jungle was noisy
And camped in a clearing
A hunter enjoying a cuppa
His hearing
A tad off apparently
For behind him
There came
A tiger
So big
Would anyone claim
A result from this meeting
The Tiger did roar
The hunter was frightened
Despite his 12 bore
But It wasn’t to hand
So he offered his lunch
He knew in one second
His teeth might just crunch
Down on his back
But he sat still and shared
His sandwich of bacon
That his cook had prepared


Recently at Bristol
A protest evolved
For most it was peaceful
The police haven’t solved
The puzzle of people
They just fail to see
What the cabal are doing
To the community
When the shit hits the fan
They will,feel it too
Their families will suffer
At the moment they do
Know their husbands are brain washed
The Riot police
Clad in their hideous form of release
The men in black Shields faces stern
Visors and batons
Most didn’t learn
Three rows of officers
Aggressively stood
Behind them the police vans
It didn’t look good
Directly in front
The first row of the crowd
And There several ladies
Their gentleness flowered
A guiltlessness
Virtue and a state of grace
Giving flowers to the riot squad
Right in their face
Gentle words, a dialogue
Like lambs in a way
But up against butchers
Ready to slay

So much common purpose
AI and brain dread
When someone flicks a switch
They charge ahead
The ladies got battered
Shields thrust into
Their faces and their bodies
Its what the cops do.
Lockdown and not being able to see
Friends and our families
This should never be
Treated like criminals
In our own space
Fingers pointed at us
It is a disgrace
young disbelievers
Then what we hear
Is laws to stop protest
Raising yet more fear
Safe vaccinations
And hundreds of lies
Blood clots and deaths
For me no surprise

Its the cabal
And eugenics
De pop its called
The 99 per cent
We must not be fooled
In a the way that we are
slaves after all
Many spent
And the 13 big names
Think our world they can rule
With their insinuations
And At their beck and call
What I saw there
was love in the raw
Love of mankind
Many thrown to the floor
The horses were ridden
Like heartless cowards
Into the people
YES Into the crowds

Naive, wishful thinking
believing maybe
Trustful and hopeful
Holding a key
Many were battered and bruised
They dispersed
At the end of the day
As if all were cursed
They were then shat upon
from the many around
The armchair fanatics
The digital sound
In the midst of the demons
The angels shone through
They did in my eyes
I was touched, which was true
I could see it coming
Not the horses and dogs
But it fell on deaf ears
Whether the riot squad
Thought anything of it
Perhaps of their god
Who was not the Inspector
But their heart and soul
Watch their batons
They were out of control
Trying to hurt people
Gritting their teeth
scowling with anger
On any beneath
Their flailing batons
Their pushing shields
All were unarmed
But the anger it builds …….

And will be saved for another encounter
No doubt….o

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