The medics via pure arrogance
Suggest that the above
Is really not a disease at all
That it came from the sky above
They deny that there are chem trails
And depopulation too
They say we are delusional
About Parasitosis do

They really think we are taken in
By whats obvious out there
The truly horrendous bouts
Of SHINGLES everywhere
One of their dirty tricks
Rained down upon us from above
A cocktail of undesirables
Far removed from love

Its really very painful
Its, shingles big brother
And it doesn’t come from Heaven
And it hasn’t got a mother
Born indeed from the darkest of swamps
More of it coming soon
Falling from the night sky
When we cant see the moon

Oh Yes of course we are mental
Believers how can we
Be taken in by all of this
De pop it cannot be
And now with covid 19
And its variants galore
Lockdowns coming thick and fast
And vaccines by the score

Its the Illuminati
The cabal to make us sick
High in the skies from rabid jets
To a world when many thick
Irreverent and distant souls
See lesions from Hell
Lucifers fine messages
Behold the darkest spell
its extraordinary
A fungal biomass
Cadmium and aluminium
Nanotech so crass
Bringing hell down on us all
Aimed now at the old
Those drawing a pension
Once worth their weight in gold

But now all seen as surplus
So its best by far
To burn them in the furnaces
For worthless now they are

No resuscitation
Let them choke all day
We need the beds in hospitals
And to pave the way
For a world of such utopia
Minus pensioners who
With the sick and the disabled
Are clueless really to

With no contributions
The blameless ones must be
Shipped off to some island
As experiments to see
What happens to them
Guinea pigs
Vaccines GM too
Test the latest depop drugs
And finally a few
Brought back to the mainland
To be processed as feed
For all the many fish farms
That processors say they need

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