Live animals exported abroad to Florin Citu

Meat Processing in Romania
Is poor that much we know
Trading with expedience
Maintaining a good flow
Has seen, the adoption
Of live exports but we see
Too many ships and too many animals
Abused and awfully


I beg you realise
The hopelessness they feel
Aboard these ships
The vagaries of sea life
Its for real

They are never cargo
They are animals who feel
Who not only suffer sickness
But condition does reveal

A sullenness and a hatred
There is a wrongness here
They suffer as would humans
We must understand their fear

Its totally wrong headed
And we misjudge it all
Sailing on a ocean ship
Really does appal

The senses stuck down
In a hold
Rolling with the waves
And delays they can be lengthy
Deprivation never saves

Any soul whose suffering
The anguish and the pain
Live exporting of animals
Really its insane

In this day and age
An empathy for our animals
Is good
Your shepherds in the countryside
Have done everything they could

Slept with the Sheep to keep them warm
The comfort that they seek
And then we ship them far away
On a voyage that can feel bleak

Its negligence and disrespect
Its incompetence as well
Each animals has value
Its a living soul we sell

To ignore one’s obligations
To mismanage as ships do
Is to violate their being
And denigrate them to

What has happened very recently
In the Suez Canal
With the Evergreen Container Ship
Blocking passage

we ever live it down
In fact
The animals on board,
The heat the pain
In those holds tightly packed

Its terribly uncomfortable
The shock value as well
Under the weight of others
Their journey feels like Hell

And we have made that possible
Because we failed to care
Because we took for granted
They would all get where

They were manifested to get
Despite it all
The cruelty excessive
And Sir
This is your call

Look into their eyes one day
As a shepherd would
They might soon be eaten
But our kindness would be good

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