Can you hear them roaring.?

London’s roaring
Freedoms Freedom
All these awful Lockdowns
Bone and muscel
Such a tussle
Everyone a star

Rings of cops
Sirens blazing
This is London
Its a war
This is for real
For those who feel
The anguish pain and sorrow
The Police look at them
expressionless masked up
So we
Cannot see their ugly faces
Drooling in their infamy
Characterless and imbecilic
Their indifference now to those
Protestors walking peacefully
Their insouciance
Oh!how it shows

Silver hair and panting
Guts a bulging, we can see
Dragged off some street far away
And clad in uniforms they be
Walking at the side
Keep stopping
They are a bunch of ugly brutes
Beating up on the elderly
It really gets into one’s roots

Do they go home sit down and feel proud
Having beaten up those who
Are out their fighting for all
our freedom
There’s yes your’s yes and their’s too
Some talk but still say little
Gob shites not a brain cell left
Wind them up and send them out
As a constancy bereft
of reassurance of any purpose
Rugby tackles on the old
Six to eight brute force just hopeless
Rowdy blatant satanic and cold

What an utter eyesore
Oath what oath did they
Take the haggard landscape
They provide along the way
Bully boys frightful and shocking
We see lady stars aloud
Giving them a lot of wally
Shining stars within the crowd

More guts in one little finger
Than all this brazen monotony
Heavy footed uninspiring
Ditchwater gobs
So banal they be
Not a speck of wit among them
Humanity left long ago
Jubilation exultation
We are right that much we know

The crowds were buoyant
They were cheerful
Marching chanting
Hearts on fire
Up against the woeful objects
The loathsome players
Looking dire
Unsure many full of temper
Reckless in so many ways
Volatile almost seething
We are the champions
its a phase

Insensitive yea thats for certain
A woodenness easy to see
Deadpan expressions
Masked and ugly
You can feel their rotten qi
Bacon gobblers
Free at McDonalds
Skivers thats their pedigree
Scrimping pinching always after
Hand outs or something for free

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