Behavioural Science

Behavioural Science
Knob heads employed
Brainwashing people
Who were once overjoyed
But now are much closer
To the woe and the dread
Whilst others are going
right off their head

Needless to say
The uneasiness sucks
Scowling and frowning
Nobody bucks
The trend these days
Imprisoned are some
A lovely blue sky
And the elderly numb

Lacking, Vit D
They die yes they do
The cabal, know
It brings on the bitterness
They’ve lost their glow
And with it pain
So many are sad
Johnson and all of his shepherds
So bad

Lockdowns are worse
Than the covid by far
Many depressed as can be
Threatening folk
when they walk out their door
The robotic cops some will see
Soviet Russia was better by far
Than this shit hole
Where sadly we be

I wish I didn’t belong
To a country that really
Cares little
For its people and makes
their lives Hell
Johnsons and all of his miserable tribe
I cant say That I wish them well.

Its not a government
Not anymore
Puppetry strings pulled
By the cabal
And whats more
The masonic tightfisted
Miserly mob
Causing us neediness
They love to rob

What little money
We have put by for a
rainy day
I hate the lot of them
And one day they will pay
In some dark cell somewhere
Water and stale
Bread left to mould
The crows and the maggots
Sharing the cold

Let them remember the old souls
That died
Alone in their beds
With no where to hide
Their withering temperament
Unctuous with woe
And no loved ones with them
That they did know

The very last face that they ever saw
A miserable ugly
Sick to the core
Nobody’s face
That they had hoped to see
Just a scowling obtuseness
And infinity

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