As blood cancers rise

I don’t need your luck
Helps what I need
My cows are dying
And its not from the feed
C8 is out there
All thanks to you
Dumping your shit
And you know that its true

Its permanence guarantees
Really we are lost
You make the profit
And we bear the cost
We are all sickly
We are all sad
Because you lot profit
Driving us mad

Your non stick sauce pans
And fry pans are bad
They contain chemicals
We didnt know we had
Our water is poisoned
Our teeth dropping out
So many are dying
Without a doubt

You hide in your boardrooms
Knocking back booze
Counting the naughts
And you just refuse
To imagine the perils
Your staff and I
Suffer at your hands
And many do die

Fathers and mothers
Children as well
Terribly painful deaths
It doesnt gel
With me in my heart really

For you can be
To write off the people
The ones that you see
Neighbours and workers
Who acknowledge that you
Know them and care
Which you never do

Dead eyes aggression
Down to C8
And now they are made
Outside the state
Where perhaps, China?
All thanks to you
Reducing the workers
What you love to do

So many untruths
At the end of the day
That is your way
Trumped up and concocted
As more and more pay
You bludgeon us quietly
Your rigorous stinks
Leave us palid and sickly
Nobody drinks the shit from the tap
They know they
Can whistle a dirge
And go their way
With Their subjugation
There is nothing to say

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