Its really very sinister
The present goings on
Governments and terrorism
Honour almost gone
Deadly crimes apparent
The enormity
Of what we see in Texas
Its sinful actually

To do this to each other
Within a country, we
Have to go back to the swamp
And inhumanity
Active auroral research
The program out there we
Reach into the ionosphere
To see what we must see
And to weaponise the systems
The heavenly bodies sing
And Red States are a target
That apparently does bring
The jet stream into focus
And weather comes to be
Its monstrous and its flagrant
Who would want to see
Our fellow man affected
Deterred well seemingly
Modification is happening

Really its outrageous
An unpardonable affair
Especially when people are very unaware
The swamp creatures are at it
Obdurate are they
And Texas for example
Are suffering today

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