Namibia and Botswana

Gifted by god
The big five
Are in flight
Sinners there are many
Who seem heartless
And delight
In selling off the pristine wilderness
Under the feet of animal angels
In fact a human blight

Who behind closed doors
Are ready
To exchange lives for the cash
See the end of kingdoms
Basically they trash
The miracles god given
The priceless souls who be
Living in the Okavanga Delta
Where we see

Thousands of years of wondrous life
These governments appear
To exchange and ditch the living
And raise and augment such fear
Sell of to the corporations
Drenched in corruption who
Will bring their filthy diggers
And exploit the oil, their view

To find the gas to witness destruction
Turn to Hell
The heaven that God created
To in fact cast a spell
Of mischief dark and ugly
Relentlessly to kill
Life itself to murder
And so much blood to spill

Who can truly think this way
Condole such evil why
They are indeed a cancer
They take on the sky
The land the soul of Africa
It is a crying shame
Misjudgement on so great a scale
And of course we blame

The greedy ugly industries
Who discriminate and steal
Africa’s angelic kingdoms
Yes how they reveal
Their insensitive unlawfulness
How wrongheaded and how sad
Digging up a paradise
Of course completely mad

What lies below will never
Favour anyone
The death the blood the history
When the day is done
The despicable the futility
Of money in their bank
Riding roughshod over life itself
just wholly rank

The Kalahari Bushmen
Such infidelity
The unconscientiousness
The opportunism
Such criminality
Throwing a wild people
Tossing them away
Such spivvery such skullduggery
Imagine day on day

Centuries of Indigenous thought
The iniquity one feels
Gas and oil remarkably
The malevolence
It boils up in hearts and in spirits
The immorality
The corruption and the heinousness
The true degeneracy

A people will be wiped out
Great animals will be too
Many generations of wildness
Completely Torn into
Oblivion before our eyes
AFRICA will be
Complicit in the corporate swamp
Of such enormity

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