Montana,’s precious wolves

The beauty that is Nature
Montana’s landscapes they
Bring a lump into the throat
Of tourists everyday
The vastness and the ,wild life
All god created sites
What is the equilibrium
And why we all have rites
To come and see the animals
The balance of the land
The beating heart of everywhere
Its helps us understand
The trails the hills the rivers
Everywhere we go
When we hear the wolves howl
It makes our interest grow

Everywhere gods gifted souls
Live in harmony
Everythings connected
Its where we love to be
The kinship of the angels
The perspective of the place
The glory of America
And her wondrous face
We hear that greeds apparent
And there are men who kill
The precious wolves that live in packs
Murdering them still
These are apex predators
It was GOD who put them there
Who knew their worth and wanted
Them to share the air

To really stay the balance
Of predator and prey
Their aura and their being
Is helping everyday
No soul is born for nothing
Predation is a need
Not killing them thats awful
Watching a wild wolf bleed
Is creating such imbalance
And grief around the pack
Too many prey animals
But in fact to attack
Animals with rifles
To kill them just for fun
They are angelic beings
When the day is done
Miracles of life itself
Instinctive all their days
Murdering them in cold blood
Is an evil phase
Its hurting all the animals
And the grasses and the plants
Balance is a godly gift
And its just not done by chance

Hunters really are just very arrogant
When they lie in ambush as they do
Killing apex predators the grief and the sadness
It spreads around the place
It spoils the view
If the killing is to go on anyway
Then more of us are going to stay away
Montana will be losing us forever
And that is a real shame I have to say
Help us MR governor you know how
Call for their protection right away
They are not gifted by the gods
To be shot down for fun
The Hunting men are ignorant
When the day is done.

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