Those eyes
Are made just like YOUR eyes
They see all that YOU see
Who gives them the right
To torture
Do you know it tortures me
Science it just sickens me
BIG PHARMA shit of shits
Experimenting on
Little babies
It just gets on my tits
Those rotters they will
Go to hell
And feel the knives yes too
Testing on young animals
Squirting that shampoo
Continually into babies eyes
I really hope one day
In Hell where they are headed for
That They are going to pay
Slicing into that Rabbits
Whilst It is still awake
That blood is just like our blood
Its little heart does break
Its tears you know they surface
They of course feel pain
And all the while they are cutting
Its the Technician whose insane
On innocent angels who
Were stolen from their families
And now what do we do
For some fucking tooth paste
Or polish they inject
Chemicals into babies
They are trying to detect
An allergic reaction
Shaving fur away
Making their incisions
And they have the nerve to say
The vulgarity
The artlessness
Because some corporate claims
The grossness
And the coarseness
And When it dies who blames
Cutting limbs off animals
Its barbarism and
the fear and trepidation
Who does understand
The craven hearted skulking rats
Clad in white who feel
They had the right to
Torture all the wild appeal
Steal the poor souls time on earth
So unconcerned you see
Testing shit on animals
In this university

And thats how they pay their mortgage
Their haughtiness for me
Defies just everything thats right
The audacity
The disrespect they are giving
In this work they chose to do
White coated fucking imbeciles
Their mentality askew

Working for the corporates
The brain dead in their holes
The management all rolling in it
No doubt respected souls
And the public lapping up the deals
Unknowingly perhaps
Of the armies of stolen babies
Who missed their mothers laps
And died upon some table
Tortured everyday
Repeated experiments
The same ones the same way
And all without painkillers
Imagine this will you
Who buy the cheap cosmetics
Or the cleaner for your loo.

Its all tested on animals
Unless it says its not
If its cheap its not cheerful
We are going to pot
The agony is growing
These babies like me and you
Made by god to live a life
But very very few
Have the chance of godliness
Of wildness anymore
We can all do something about this
I beg you PLEASE do more

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