To all the ladies everywhere
You are loved profoundly you
Have consciousness and reasoning
In everything you do
Perception and insight
Are mindful through and through
Cogitative and contemplative
In everything you do

Valentine a commercial time
What we ought to see
Is love and care on every day
The probability
Should indeed be forthcoming
For everything you do
The kindness thats within YOUR soul
I know how much thats true

Your shrewdness and sagacity
Your farsightedness you do
Bring great balance to the world
Everyone of you
Beautiful in every way
Your magic is your gift
Your inventiveness and creativity
Gives the world a lift

HAPPY Valentine to all of you

Whereever you are

4 comments on “Goddesses

  1. Kimberly on said:

    The same to you.
    Beautiful poem

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Dear Kimberley your film work your caring its all out there for people to see
      You are loved by so many from afar Humanity must speak out we all need to know

      Inside us we are all beautiful in our own way and one day a year we should told how much it matters

  2. Shesh Roberts on said:

    Thank you ~ my precious friend ~ your beautiful words are so appreciated by all of us

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