Wildness a journey to forever

In the wildness where oblivion
Is ours to master we
Live our lives to our mothers rules
The great one and she be
Always looking after us
As long as we agree
To live out lives according to the rules
Of being free

We operate a connectedness
A kinship so to say
A sweet affiliation
With others along the way
It is a world of differences
Contrariness and more
Our lives mapped out before us
Based on Natural Law

We all enjoy the harmony
In our entirety
Living really where we were put
As close to orderly
Our lives are regulated
We love and live and care
Sometimes things get rough for us
But always we are aware

The journey it feels boundless
Countless friends we meet
We tend to live upon our wits
In what we catch and eat
Our tenure on this marvellous earth
Can be long and can be short
Either way we have permanence
And eternity of thought

The seasons a variety
The changes every day
So much to learn
So fluid in every single way
Being resolute and flexible
Steadfast and secure
The need for being diligent
And feasting on the pure

Learning from our parents
Being what we are
The colours of the mornings
Following the star
Spending time just thinking
Searching seeking we
Attentive to our surroundings
Assiduous you see

Always alert and ready
To the fearful darkly hunts
The rowdy hounds the yelping rounds
The chicanery the stunts
They pull these wicked humans
Their fallibility tunnel visioned toffs
So discriminatory


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