Rome counts the victims

Rome a beautiful city
For Starlings yesterday
Saw a warring faction
Explosions there to stay
A new year for inhabitants
And the people thinking they
Should try and set off fireworks
Frustrated by the way

Lockdowns had been ordered
Freedoms just to fly
A new year in the offing
No thought of birds on high
An unconscionable duration
A hindrance so to say
Explosives frightening tiny ears
Perpetual all the way

Disorientating spirits
Startling those who
Live within the confines
Of the city high they do
Flying through the gables
On the gutters sit
Fireworks every which way
Their blackness suddenly lit

Up by vapid balls of fire
And thunderclaps from hell
The cordite and the ugly smoke
And the persistent smell
Unending somewhat timeless
Doomsday apparently
Flying into windows
In an effort to be free

Their bodies strewn upon the streets
Knocked down
Locked down
Victims of the great frustration
Found on New Years Day

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