Born from a dream
And one hell of a team
Essentially Andean charm
Cacao the jungle
The evergreen sway
Born out of Paradise
An ethos away

Living and growing
Giving and knowing
Flowing and showing
An authenticity
Born out of Paradise
Volcanic air
The truest sovereignty

Distinguished and dominant
A crown of snow
Dear Cotopaxi
My dear friend you glow
Your magnificent ediface
Sprung from afar
Of ancestral wisdom
Wherever you are

That great throat of fire
brings a joy unto me
Rising forever
Your integrity
A great state of order
A oneness behold
Eternity beckons
Your glory is sold
Immense and boundless
The ethos is there
Pacari your starriest
heavens we share

The enduring and durable
Jungles where we
Emerge with the urge
To walk and be free
Ever changing upholding
The primary course
Bean to bar resonance
Right from the source

Biodynamic Steiner in tow
Cause and effect
Its how the gods grow
The might and the potency
The energy too
The vigour and drive
Its what we all do
The youthful the vigorous
Emphatically green
Exhuberance glistens
No lusher scene
The spawning the fruitful
Each proliferate swarm
What Mother Earth gives us
Is foundation and form

Ecuador’s language
The Quichua indeed
The most wondrous of spaces
To grow and to feed
Raw and impactful
Flavours to draw
Santiago and Carla
Creators both sure
Of Heaven on Earth
Of the Andean way
The culture the spirit
The essence of day
Of Nature itself
Of love light and peace
Of what you have created
Let it never cease

PACARI the finest chocolate ever to be made in Ecuador
A country where dreams come true

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