Factory Farmers miscreants

as far as the eyes,
can bloody well see
And your noses can smell
its where we be
GestatIon crates
Under lock and key
To the farmer who we seldom
If ever see

There is no wonder left in life
Locked down together
In a bath of strife
Sworn at, kicked, spat at as well
Factory farming just equals HELL

We dump yes sadly just where we lay
They are piss takers everyday
Not a kind word our pregnancy
Is carried out under lock and key
We like fresh air and to feel the sun
On our backs when the day is done
We root about in the woods
But lying here end up
like puds

Nobody loves us nobody cares
We lay here bored and nobody shares
A kind word, we are waiting for
The litter then to go to war
Onto the trailer, abattoir
Slit throats
thats when PIGS know who they are
upside down against the wall
Bleeding out thats it thats all.

Hoping the bugs all multiply
And kill you lot off by and by
What you humans let them do
To us and our families
All life through
Chained up made to suffer so
And we are getting our own back
And now you know
Lost in the confines of hell
And much worse
Filth dirt and fear
Smothered by a curse
Where the porcine display
A little red tractor
To lighten their way

We are lost souls the lot of us
Tortured we are
Bloodied and wounded
See how we scar
Our bodies are torn
We are bleeding as well
Sloshing through shit
In our farmyard from HELL

And what is this horror
We are to be
dragged off to the death camp
And hung up you see
Our throats torn a’sunder
Our blood a great stream
In the absence of care
The angels do scream

We are to be bacon
And with apple sauce
A prime cup of maggots
From an unknown source
A dwelling of evil
The vilest of shed
A shit hole where scum bags
Are clearly wed
To the sounds of our agony
To the sight of the pain
To the fright in our eyes
And the fear in our brain
Our bodies all broken
Our legs full of sores
And look at the rats and the flies
On the floors
They crawl everywhere
Piglets dead and gone
God gave them life
And now upon
The shittiest smelliest frightening stall
We lay in each other shit
And we call

Out to each other
Asking our God
Why do we have to
Lie here no sod
Hears when we cry when we whimper and snore
And it happens in England
And its within the law

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