DUGONGS their frantic plea to the ABORIGINE

Australia must hang their heads
In utter shame, for they
Allow the Native Rights brigade
To actually get away
With torturing and slaughtering
The most iconic soul
Suffering the agony
Your hunting lacks control
a great spear thrust in its back
Agony personified
Under the attack
Existent and so marvellous
A vegetarian who
Needs some space, some time
Some love to do
What it must do

Selected by a greater god
To live beneath the sea
To eat the greenest
Eel grass
And forever be
An animated mergoddess
Precious and soulful they
Are being murdered
Stamped on,and stabbed
Every single day

Their cries erupt
In sensitive hearts where the
Karmic debt is high
But The aborigine
Hunter fails to hear their cry
Within the realm of blue
We find these specimens of god
Phenomenal and physical
An identity so special
Though Some think they are odd

They actually are a miracle
And killing them we see
Extinction plain and simple
The Aborigine
Are sensitive individuals
They need to stop this now
Save them please I beg of you
And don’t just ask me how

Its not as if you are starving
Extinction and finality
For goodness sake I beg of you
Your superiority
Their handicap of slowness
Dependent on us too
View them with a union
A bond thats coming true

A wholeness and an integrity
A need that they survive
In their constant harmony
Let them swim and dive
They are suffering
The end game is closer
Than you think
The dream time
Is their nightmare
They are at the brink

And their true uniqueness
Abandoned maybe so
Forsaken by the Indigenous
Commercially we know
Infinity so boundless
The DUGONGS let them be
Already numbers dwindling
In the salty sea

We hold the power, our mightiness
Our spiritual desire
Free them from your fire
Of feebleness and frailty
Vulnerable they be
Unfortified snd delicate
Tottering tragically

Too many murdered daily
Elimination means
Soon annihilation their agony
It leans
to scarcity and barreness
And lifelessness and I
BEG You to just moderate
Those killings

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