Arnold Putra

Youthfulness a product
Truthfully we see
Bound up in the brainwashing
Dosed up medically
Part of the existence
The visionaries who grow
Out of the amalgam
Of the transgenic ebb and flow
Born in Indonesia
Now residing in LA
From opulent beginnings
An extrovert his way
Inculcated outward looking
With his own identity
Confrontational in many ways
A divergence
Exotically it plays

Out in his flamboyance
His clothing avant garde
His orginality
Inimitable regard
Mythological imagery
Indigenously so
A peculiar wildness and an unprecedented
Inventive and uncopied
A touch of piracy
The semblance of a being
A facsimile
A reptiles tongue
And dead childs bones
An adaptation seen
Plastination his salvation
For me it feels obscene

Embellishments of wildness
Fashion by desire
For me hardly remarkable
Just scandalous attire
Pretensions quite absurd
More so an exhibitionist
Hanging on each word
Manifesting blatancy
Shamelessness to boot
Delusions of grandeur
Dramatics at its root
Ceremonious and solemn
In an animated dance
Is it to be the taste of things to
If its left to chance.

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