The Victim

Dare we forget, the victim here
A cat, a soul a heart
A life itself a miracle
Who just wanted to be part
Of someone’s special family
An animal, I know
A member of the feline tribe
Having to undergo
Cruelty and torment
In its unfallen state
To find oneself a prisoner
Imagining one’s fate
In the hands of a person
Whose callousness we felt
Vindictive for no reason
How its cards were dealt

The fear would be enormous
A nauseating sense
The domineering nature
Where everything feels tense
Chastised so aggressively
And violated so
Sprayed with paint
Under restraint
And butchered as we know
Martyrized with evilness
What a way to die
Being in a state of grace
Letting one’s soul fly
Outwards on its hapless journey
Mangled and extreme
Paying the ultimate penalty
With an eternal scream

That enters every thought
That anybody anywhere
Hears when reading what transpired
That forceful dark despair
Blameless and unspotted
Bastet will create
A bubble of protection
And no doubt did await
The poor soul at the
Rainbow Bridge
In silent repose
Who paid the ultimate penalty
And with others no doubt knows
Those horrid of last moments
In his vice like grip
The adrenaline rush revealing
That final painful slip
Into quiet unconsciousness
Yes, forever lost
The Rainbow Bridge its brightness
Essex sadly cost
A lot of real emotion
Of a true degree
The victim soon forgotten though
Which is sad it seems to me

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