How could we ever have had any faith

The air source heat pump saga
Its installation poor
For years it never gave us enough heat
And it was raw
Nothing had been thought about
The tenant suffered so
Her autistic son
Was also hurt and resentment
Too did grow

There was never justification
Dacorum didnt care
Basically that was the point
They lied they were not fair
They contradicted each other
Despite the counterclaims
Pricing up the new jobs
Hostility were names
Called and really turned into
A drama every day
Gade valley took a bashing
In every single way

There was little credibility
The management was poor
The evidence was Everywhere
nobody could ignore
They talk up their insurances
but in a nutshell they
Had a strange inanity
That just blew us away

Apparently no contingencies
It was a just a world away
Nothing ever went to plan
The jobs just fell away
Everything was a challenge
No retainer in the pot
No clerk of works to oversee
The shabbiness we got

There really was no cohesiveness
Where was the integrity
No holism just stress
Most jobs were defective
Inadequate and wrong
Contractors got away with stuff
And that was all along

It was muddle it was bedlam
Disorganized and random
Undisciplined The plea
No respect for tenants
For their home or their things
So much disconnection
And in a home, that brings

An assemblage of chaos
People trooping in
No overshoes just walk in mud
take it on the chin
You are in social housing
So you get what we give
There are no standards not for you
You are lucky where you live

We were told we have an air source heat pump
So State of the art
The installers didn’t have one
So its best we didn’t start
Complaining about our one
basically it was
Know your social class for goodness sake
Thats just because

The factor that it didn’t work
Sunrealm didn’t care
They Didn’t have the expertise
They were unaware
Checking with the manufacturers
Just not trained to be
Able or as Competent As anyone could see

Their maintenance was hopeless
It was never worth
They missed the leaks
The shambles the installation
They were freaks
And Dacorum was Paying them
And costing them a bomb
Whoever signed this system off
Had lacked true aplomb

Which perpetuates the scandals
No resolution here
Where was the stability
I think there was fear
Entrenched in all the departments
Too many would assume
Everything was ticked as done
Creating more doom and gloom

And the suffering of the tenants
Entitled to a life
A good standard of living
Neglect brought so much strife
Disrepair in social housing
Probably runs rife
Compensation for ones losses
And trauma is like a knife

It cuts into ones being
Emotionally it can
Really upset the apple cart
When no one has a plan
And few around are so equipped
To see misgivings they
Mount up and get Worse and worse
More so everyday

Having no hot water
And Paying through the nose
For heating that you haven’t got
Really I suppose
Is stressful in the highest degree
And Day after day
Borrowing more money
Just to pay your way

And the council they neglect you
Threaten at a stroke
You have to buy alternatives
It really is no joke
Carting coal in 20 kilo bags
And buying wood
nothing is working
Its freezing cold
Its a Saturday night
And it should

Be warm and feeling comfortable
But actually its bad
No hot water no heating
At all it makes you mad
You are paying higher bills
And having to buy coal
And Dacorum only know neglect
They really have no soul.

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