University owls and their misfortune

Sheesh Mysore has it him
To experiment and he
Has one of those enquiring analytical minds
And tragically
Within John Hopkins Uni
Sone sixty owls appear
As guinea pigs for torture
And its very clear
On very sensitive
Godly created souls
The brain dead Institutions
Tests out their controls

With all their might and money
Tests are carried out
Wild Birds stolen From their families
They have every doubt
But the Institutes have one tracked minds
Torture always seems
Subjugation and more research
Evidence redeems
All the pain and suffering
Wild spirits they forgo
Outside, the brain flow
Electrodes every which way
The infallibility
For me no force of argument
Do I ever want to see

You postulate and frighten
That is who you be
And its all done for the good of man
And the university
Money spent on real abuse
Its all chicanery
That was not why they were gifted life
Its pure arrogance for me

Its unfounded and untenable
Money not well spent
Because you cannot communicate
You all feel content
With hurting a living being
Frightening them to death
Despite the Veterinarians
Around to give them breath

Sixty or so their lives lost
To experimentation they
Become little frankensteins
Its misjudgement all the way
And its right of Peta
To tell us of their grief
For some futile repeat programme
That really Beyond belief

These are living specimens
With hearts and souls and wings
Half way to being Angels
Imagine what that brings
Into each equation
A selfishness that stinks
John Hopkins University
That is what this man thinks

You all call yourselves scholars
The educated class
Walking encyclopaedias
To me you are just a farce
A comedy of terrors
Of suffering and pain
Of torture and adversity
With little else to gain.

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