The bathroom ad ifinitum

The air source heat pump
Have never really made
The house or the hot water
Feel special its no aid
To what we had been promised
And the heating bills were still
Higher than projected
In the house a permanent chill.

We began to see a difference
In the bathroom as the place
Was seemingly getting more mouldy
Around the taps
A pace
And there was always a funny smell
And of course it was taking
Forever to get hot water
Too long for our making

Our hands were always cold
At home
Which isnt a good idea
It proved to us that the temperature
Was not something to fear
But actually it was warmer
In the kitchen when cooking up a meal
Than sitting in the living room
Something that was real

As it got into October
The wood burner we needed
And this despite the wonderful
That Should have superceded
But Of course it hadn’t
At nights It was just too cold
The radiators were never hot
On the system we were not sold

We had thought it wasnt right to be
Cold in their as well
We had a fire to warm us
Even with that the sell
We had of the Air source heat pump
It took our breath away
To realise That it cost a lot
And was just cold everyday

To make a hot water bottle
To go into the toilet meant
Something bad was happening
Neither of us content
We wrote in and we Told you
It was Costing far too much
And Sunrealm came and checked it out
But were clearly out of touch

they didnt have an earthly
And we were left to be
Colder every Single day
Noses dripping constantly
Washing up to warm our hands
It just did not make sense
And we didnt want to have a bath
It all felt cold and tense

Then one day Luca thought he heard
A sort of water spray
And we discovered there was a leak
Of hot water a fine spray
Ever since the installation
That LUKE from CCS
he accepted it
Was an issue
But told me not to stress
That he had fixed
And replaced the surround
And everything was good
Which simply was another lie
Only that he should

In fact the leak went on and on
Running into the ground
Not showing on the bathroom floor
But still wetting walls around
Sunrealm never discovered it
Said that all was well
The Leak we found in 2018
Three years and the smell

Was water a fungi build up
It brought the whole wall down
The water was running into the earth
Making a fine spray sound
Masked sadly by the air source heat pump
Whirring outside and
Hot water was leaking three whole years
Trying to understand

That the bathroom needed
A make over the pipes
Connected from the air source heat pump
Directly at that source
Was where the leak was coming from
Eventually everywhere
Mould and damp Was fixed
And then we could compare

The Floor then started bubbling
Condensate and so
Then took place
The floor up then you know
All this inconvenience
it really wasn’t fair
Whatever price CCS gave
No one seemed aware

How much the tenant suffered
Higher Heating bills
Really unsightly bath time
With mildew and fungal spills
Sunrealm had come and changed the caulk
If I remember they
Didnt have the colour so they
Said they’d come back another day

They never did they never ever
Spotted it until
The Leak was found
Going in the ground
From the hot water spill
When sunrealm came to fix it
On the second day
He had a 90 minute slot
It took three hours he did say
And had to come back the next day
The pipe work it was bad
Three years Is not acceptable
It was all so sad

it was then they found Another leak
Over the back door
When CCS moved the unit
The fourth time and we were sure
Again he had no cladding
No insulation they
Put a lot of Black stuff on it
Yes for three years delay

And all the While hot water
heating up the air
Sunrealm never spotted it
Nobody aware
Except the rising prices
As communicated to
Ricky Lang and everybody else
That it was true

Ricky new that the soffits
Were still not replaced he
Came to site in October 2018
And did see
It took them two more years
To replace the soffits they
Had been off since The cladders
Had removed them and run away

When Icax was employed to come
And check out what we had said
Over and Over and over
The air source heating bad
In December 2017 they installed
A meter and
After a month it recorded
A cost to understand
£71.84 just to run the pump
That was inefficient
But an Excessive lump
Of cost upon the monthly bill
With everything else on top
It was not only giving sufficient warmth
But the system Would have to stop

Our files are full up with our letters
Our emails our phone calls and we
Were getting desperate buying in logs
And coal & firewood too actually
I made some Fuel of paper logs
To supplement their heating need
Then DBC decided that they
Would employ an expert to feed

His data back into their system
To work to examine and see
Thats when the shit hit the fan so to say
The system was not fit to be
Complaints had been served on the landlords
And terrible replies were had
One from James Doe
It was hopeless
And just left us all feeling mad

Thats when we raised up the anti
Went to see our MP
The heating was costing a packet
And still was crap as all Could see
Acax began his investigation
From Jan 19 into July
Finding all manner of terrible stuff
And no wonder our heating was high

It was costing a bomb
With no heating
Night after night we were cold
Some nights we never had Any hot water
Wired on immersion when sold
It was going to save us the energy bills
Saving the carbon as well
But it had been wired on immersion
Really it just was pure hell

Not all of the kit had been fitted
B & Q parts fitted too
No wonder we had lost the warranty
And Sunrealm Didn’t know what to do
We had no idea how to work it
No Installation notes left
Contractors they came
And did what they wanted
Honestly we were bereft

The ICAX report was a great can of worms
A shit storm was had and was seen
No wonder it was costing the earth
And no heating
The whole sorry state was obscene
A carer with her autistic son
In an atmosphere of disrepair
Five years of negligence
Five years of colds and asthma much worse
It did scare

The wits out of me I can tell you
The suffering, cold water, heat
Noises at night The legionaires thing
Everything set to unseat
The bed room was cold and was noisy
Too noisy to even sleep
So she Started to sleep
In front of the wood burner
Night after night she could reap

residual heat from the burner
That became her bedroom where
She had to sleep and weep
Shiver and shake
And the Landlords they were aware
The acax report was a blaster
Terrible shortcomings they
Have been neglected for five awful years
And really right up to this day

NOTE 145-153 black book

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