Once I was a piglet

Once I was a piglet
A soft innocent wee soul
Farmed out to the CAFO
Unknowing of my role
Just one of the many
Among the wicked breed
Designed we heard for bacon
For spare ribs YES indeed
A baby without swaddling
Tails snipped teeth clipped too
Then castrated with rusty pliers
Honest that is true

A stinking labouring wicked sod
His breath was rank and smelly
His hands were hard
His face and hair
I remember his big belly

No nest just dirty water
Crammed together
Were beaten kicked and thrown about
Irreverence you see

Look at my eyes
Look at my head
Spurned in every way
I cannot sweat
No sweat glands
And don’t they make me pay

Its really filthy dirty
Friends dying everywhere
Cannabalism yes it is here
And of course despair
They kick us and won’t feed us
Thats what these rotters do
Dishonesty and insincerity
Crookedness this lot
They take no blame
They Dont do shame
What now have I got

No future thats for certain
Soon yes I will be
Hanging off a bloody chain
My blood rush constancy
Yes deserted by my god
That one in the sky
And soon bits of me in a pan
Of dripping where I fry
My plea to you is WHY

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