Flummoxed 8/3/18

Grant looked really flummoxed
The system was for him
Filled with ambiguity
More akin to dim
Stuck in dubiety
And indecision, he
Turned upon the tenant
Had she meddled
And sadly
Of course she Hadn’t meddled
No reason to at all
Sunrealm do the maintenance
Whenever they do call
Grant perplexed by what he sees
Bewildered its a fuss
Clearly he’s bamboozled
nothing to discuss
His training isn’t splendid
So much he ignores
And all the while we are paying
For the installation flaws
The controls he cannot understand
How they are wired he thinks
It must have been done purposefully
Missing all the links

The problems are the tenants
She is paying all the way
Nothing was attested
And from the display
Grant he hasnt an idea
Nothing to authenticate
No contraindications
Just hostile debate

To all intents and purposes
His experience is poor
As to credibility
He isn’t all that sure
Its easy just to blame the tenant
Shes paying the bill
And he is really envious
And probably is still

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