In this world where energy
Where life and sustainability
A wizard out there
Whose expertise is such
A top gun in the heating world
And on ventilation systems
With pure designs in heating
And on cooling so in touch

Air source heat pumps
He is the man
Does so by design
Engineering development
Whose confidence must shine
Across complex systems
Commissioning guidance
He is your man
Integrity and sense of honour
I want to say I am a fan

Punctillious and constant
Duteous to all
River Source Heat Pumps
Open Loop
He is the man to call
Ground source
Air source
Low carbon buildings
Any where on earth
High principled his virtues
Have a lot of worth

He is on the side of the angels
Looking down on the wasters who
Through ignorance and arrogance
Waste energy as many do
Generous to nature
With deference to be
Committed to environments
His ethic constancy

ICAX, he is up there
Answerable to all
He really does his duty
Is needful and can call
On years of practical study
Each posting one can say
The best man for the job is CARL
Every single day

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