Wanker banker
fitness witness
So called expert he
Air source heat pump tustle muscle
Allowed to wander free
With his inappropriate aura
Of deceit a sure divide
Rampant Actuality
leaking deep inside.
Described To us as an expert
a specialist Whose haul
Permeable to scrutiny
And not genuine at all
A clown masked up
and dangerous
His circus was his stage
Curiously mendacious
And surely off the page

He came with fabled bluster
acknowledged In a way
Bluffing and yes puffing
creating a display
Entering home after home
Due diligence was where
Osbornes and Dacorum
both singly unaware
Sorely left the innocent
Unsteady with the blues
They shone a spotlight on him
it was all a tragic ruse
A hoax the joke was not on us
His ambivalence was there
A heathen spoke his plumbing speak
Which we alone would share

A plum duff of a giant
Wearisome and sold
In high esteem
By Inexperience
Who in his shit storm rolled
Taken in for their ignorance
To enter and to be
The expert sent to save us All
From the heating travesty.
CCS the experts a good deal
Had by all
A conniving faithless bounder
A knave yes we may call
Him out for what he really was
A felon on his way
To stardom and to riches
With a constancy to pay
Some were not as confident
With his splutter and his height
His confidence and his arrogance
And all of it in spite
Of what appeared hilarious
The workings of a clown
Who didnt measure anything
And in ignorance did drown

The suffering it has caused though
The fabrication we
Artfulness and cunning
And kidology
So much misinformation
Delivered as a fact
Five years of denial
Delivered without tact
The innocence negated
Sobbing undertones
Such brusque and curt responses
It reaches through the bones
Into the soul and onwards
And becomes long lasting stress
With aggravated asthma
Living with duress

A landlord lacking empathy
An unwillingness to care
Indisposed to fairness
Always unaware
An attitude of negativeness
That cuts into one’s soul
Five years of such treatment
And few who could console
Like an ugly tapeworm
That gnaws away at you
No matter how pioneering you are
Disadvantaged you do
Suffer every hour of every day
And its a pain
Paying through the nose for heat
That it so low that its insane

And nobody believing you
you are dominated by
Just being downtrodden
And subjugated and why
You have been a tenant here
For many many years
Having to beg and borrow
With the resultant fears
Growing every week
In you
and a landlord That ignores
That holds back your entitlement
Despite their rabid flaws
Threatening and causing
Suffering and pain
And just more aggravation
Where to fight Becomes insane

And they still ramp up
The hopelessness
Threatening litigation
Extinguishing any hope you had
Of finding some salvation
Their unconcern their indifference
Leaves you unimpressed
Their irreverence is remarkable
For It just makes no damn sense

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