The Spanish

The Spanish Galgeros
Their life is a mess
Adverse and hostile
And there’s no redress
Spain is a cruel place
For bulls and for dogs
Luckless and hapless
In the spirit it jogs
Animals really are
Suffering there
It’s a sinister story
But one laid out bare
Strictness and rigour
Intolerance too
Pitilessness it’s
What the Spanish do

Draconian treatment
For losers alas
Extra harsh treatment
They join the morass
Of evil personified
Ugly and wrong
In a EU country
This should’nt belong
MGreyhounds and gambling
The lowest of low
Where there is betting and
Money to blow
Animals submit or face
Vile control
They win or they lose
That’s the real role

As we know bulls are slaughtered
Each one will die
Greyhounds must win or be placed
Or it’s high
Time they were slaughtered
Hung up in a tree
Like a Christmas bauble
Swinging effortlessly
It’s seen as recalcitrance
Mutiny, strike
When gamblers lose
It’s not something they like
Losers in breach
Of their discipline they
Must suffer and quickly
And that’s how they pay

The Spanish are wicked
Compliance that’s them
You must acquiesce
That is the gem
Fail them and that’s it
Death is the prize
Slung down a well
Or poke out your eyes

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