The Autumn Equinox

22nd of September
Brings us Autumn and a key
To unlock and create colours
And a new found vibrancy
It Draws down hue’s
Wondrous colouration comes
A playful time
A merry rhyme
The masters palette
Watch his thumbs

His Mix of yellows
And Dappled gold
Achieving mellows
A crimson hold
Blushes of Carmine
And madder too
The harvest blessings
Have all come true
Lets count those blessings
One by one
Dark and light
Perhaps some sun
The soiL May rest
And hopefully
sustain some zest

And build upon
That spirit we
Have come to expect
Most earnestly
Can We Welcome the frosts
For They will arrive
They will sweeten the apples
Those that survive
Autumnal peace
Oatmeal and dawn
Beige and hazel
With each new dawn
Singe and char
Roan and bay
A crisper Apple
To tempt the fae

A great assortment
Of squashes too
Give our altar
That varied hue
All sorts of sizes
And stripes galore
And Pumpkins that last
A while in our store
balancing nutrients
Warming the way
And Calling forth
At the end of the day

Roasting and boasting
The sweetness they hold
Reflecting our joy
At not feeling so cold
Onwards and upwards the birds
Will exchange
their story
For some
And Their outward Range
as they
Follow the sun god
where ever he be
Sat Around the hearth
We though earnestly

Tasting the vine
It’s tasty pearls
And the ivy soon After
Curled around our feet
The reed close behind
When October is gone
With all of times memories
when Last the sun shone
Alban Elfed the wheel of the year
Has turned as the Summer King
Gives up his post
So that Winter can rule
In the months he loves most

Samhain and Yule
And the turn Of the year
When The Elder And the Birch

Makes way for the Rowan the Ash and the Alder

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