Sacred sites

Sacred sites in WA
Are desecrated every day
Abused in every circumstance
The Aboriginal spirit we
The sanctity of soul
The innermost integrity
The building light
And role
they play
In need of the absolute
For their way
Meticulous intent is there
The heritage in which they share
A sentient scrupulosity
Unsullied such integrity

RIO TINTO a giant knave
A rascality so far from brave
Double dealing and double crossing
In their ocean
They are tossing
Traitorous in so many ways
Destruction really, every phase
Their irreverence and indignity
Has reached a point of constancy

They have no accountability
encroachment is now where They be
labouring with violation
Dethroned by guilt
And arrogation
Unmindful really of where they are
Each heartless unrelenting scar
Performed in haste
For they must be
In their race of uncertainty

A corporate denseness
An internal fight
All the cogs are far
From right
Hatred and animosity
Drives the will, the severity
Of soul is obvious
Sadly they
Are going down in the world
Each day

The want Of will
And gallantry
The rainbow serpent
Dignified And respectfully
Holds them to account
For who they be

Jean Sebastian Jacques
The man
All of his life
His aimless plan
His loathing of the spirit core
The darkness and his dreams of more
His sacking Is now called for
The absurdity
That such a soul
Can Come to be
and so control

And by so doing
Destroy the cultural melody
Violate the rights of those
Whose distant footsteps
Kind of pose
A resonance of ancestral grace
And Without a thought
Simply deface

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