Paradise lost

It’s hard to get ones head around
The evil
Paradise a pristine coral reef
With such a fine abundance
Of sea life everywhere
And a long comes a great bulk carrier
Spewing out despair

dolphins die all suffocated
Angel fish and more
Gasping for their very air
Lie choking on the floor
Everywhere was bright with light
And now darkness has come
The Japanese bulk carrier
Its officers all numb
Spewing out the crude oil
The blackness everywhere
The faithless infidelity
And no one seemed to care

Paradise was lost
Martyrs everywhere
The fishermen of Mauritius
Of course they had to care
Their livelihood was threatened
Their paradise they saw
Descending into a blackness
That they had never seen before

And where were the Japanese
No where to be found
All this filthy Dirty oil
Being sprayed around
So much criminality
aiding and abetting
A terrible transgressing
Just as the sun was setting

The fishermen could not stand by
And see their Paradise lost
They worked their butts off trying
To minimise the cost
To try to save the animals
Dying every where
The Japanese have been ask to pay
For being unaware

34 million dollars to help the cleanup
To try and offer some remorse
For it just all felt planned
And they just ignored everything
Didn’t care a jot
japan is hard we all know that
And To atone apparently not

Greenpeace had a hand in it
And dumped it in the sea
In other words more pollution
It how can that be
Seemingly just getting shot of evidence
As to why
The ship hit rocks and spewed it’s oil
And so much had to die

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