Mullein (verbascum thapus)

Aaron’s Rod
Graveyard Dust
Candle wick all names
A Feminine gender
So the spirit claims
The Planet Saturn ruling
Its element Is fire
The Deity is Jupiter
Powers can’t get higher
Than courage, and protection
Health And Divination
Mullein is out to
Keep wild souls at bay
Whilst hiking in the bad Lands
Where courage will play
Beneath your pillow
Sleep will be free
Of all the worst nightmares
That can surely be
Hung over doors keep The demons away
Leaves Rolled in the oil lamps of witches
They say
Became the wick downy and thick
As for love for another
It gets a big tick.
Go to her house where the
Mullein May grow
Bend down The leaves
Pointed and show
If she returned love
Mullein would grow
Straight up again
And then he would know
If it did die
He would alas see
She Must love another
And forever would be
Lost and suicidal
Ready to leap
into the fire
Realising how cheap
She thought him sadly
That’s what I now hear
Mullein is positive
For me that’s
very clear
As for its name
It cometh
From perhaps it’s woolly leaf
molsoft mollis
Verbascum thapus
From the figwort
my belief

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